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Forum Guide For Newbies
« on: April 07, 2006, 06:23:40 PM »
Dragonz Clan Forum Guide For Newbies

1) Registering
2) Logging In
3) Creating A Topic
4) Posting A Reply
5) Using Smileys
6) Hosting Images
7) Using MbCode
8) Signatures & Avatars

1) Registering

Before doing anything, you will need to register an account on the forums. To do so, you can press the little register button around the Top-Center area of the page or by clicking HERE. Once there, fill out the form and submit it.

2) Logging In

Once you have registered and have access to the forums (accepted into the clan or as a clan member, ally diplomat or special guest) then you should always log in. This will allow you to see the forums that you are allowed to see and allow other members to know who you are when you post. To log in look for the button near the Top-Left area of the screen or click HERE.

Creating A Topic

To create a topic, please find the apropriate forum you would like to post in. Each forum has a description of what it is used for under the title, find what you're looking for and press on the title of that forum. Once you've done that, look for the "Create A Topic" button on the right side of the screen. Click on that and begin to make your topic starting with the title. Please note that if you have not been accepted as a clan member/allied diplomat/special guest, you will not be able see or post in any forums other than the public forums.

Posting A Reply

To reply to a topic, simply open the topic you are looking for, (read it, and reading other peoples posts helps too) and press the "Reply" buton and type what you would like to say and press "reply" located under the text box.

Using Smilies

Smileys, are little clickable animations or pictures that express an action or emotion, they are used in many posts. The smiliey you can use can be found on the upside of the text box when you are posting. To view more smilies, click the [more] icon located next to the first few smilies you see. An example of a smily is " :smile: " a smiling face. You may use smileys in your posts to express yourself and for fun, but please don't forgot to watch how many you use. Over using the smilies is against the clan rules because it causes lag to certain people with slower computers, and fills up the page with spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages).

Cropping, Hosting & Posting Images

It is unlikely if you are a guest that you will be posting images, therefore if you are a clan member/special guest/allied diplomat inquiring how to post an image, please view a comprehensive thread on how to crop, upload and post images EASILY which is located HERE.

Using MbCode

MbCode is a coding used to enhance your posts with different options. It is similar to HTML code, but is very easy to use. If you press the "B" at the top of the page (when you are making a post) it will open a tag that looks like
Code: [Select]
[B] Any text written after that tag will be written in BOLD after you are finished writing the text you want in bold, you can press the button again and it will show a tag that looks like
Code: [Select]
[/B] This can be used for many things such as italics
Code: [Select]
[I] Underline
Code: [Select]
[U] etc.

There are many others that you can use, to see what they do hover your mouse over the button and it will tell you what it is used for.

Signatures & Avatars

Signatures - Signatures, simply put; are images that are found under every message that you post that depict something about you, whether it be Runescape related, clan related, real life related, or completely random! To add a signature for yourself, host a picture, see "Hosting Images" and click on "Profile" then "Forum Profile Information" and go to the bottom of the page and paste the link in the box that says "Signature" (You can also write text in that box). Remember to enclose the URL with image tags! See Hosting A picture if you are still confused.

Signatures aren't always pictures though, you can write any text you want there too. Please don't make your signature to wide or lengthy as people don't want to have to scroll the page just to see it or to get to the next post. If your signature is too large, The Leaders will most likely ask you nicely to shorten it, if you don't shorten it, they will remove as much as needed starting from the bottom.

Also see IceFox's signature guide for a more advanced explanation. Sorry Non Members/Allies/Friends, but you have to be accepted before you can view this sticky!

Note: Pictures usually have to be saved under ".png" or ".jpeg" format to be hosted through Imageshack.

Avatars - An avatar is similar to a signature but it is found under the users name when he/she posts. To get your own, save a small picture to your computer under ".jpg, or .jpeg" and go to "Profile" > "Forum Profile Information" and press on the little circle that says "I will upload my own picture." Browse for the picture you want and press submit. Then you can set the dimensions for your avatar if you'd like. There are other ways to host an avatar other then from your hard drive directly but thats what the Questions forum was made for!

Written by M T Gagazet of the Dragonz Clan, Edited By Nova Bros.

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