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Author Topic: National Guard of Runescape AKA "Catherby"  (Read 12011 times)

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National Guard of Runescape AKA "Catherby"
« on: May 12, 2014, 05:13:33 AM »
2nd most viewed clan thread under the alliance request folder? Quite impressive. http://www.dragonzclan.com/forum/index.php?topic=340.0

I've found the forum thanks to a little Google search while looking for other stuff. We've reformed as NationalGuardOfGaming.com and Catherby.com for both our RS forum specific and our world-wide gaming forum. It was a bit cluttered trying to house our primary game on the same location as all the other games that release monthly.

Back to see about getting allied/listed by Dragonz. We never left but have improved with our expansion in to daily Twitch streams, weekly membership giveaways, and monthly drop parties. Fewer donations and more frequent events than the old RS era - I'd call that a win. ;)

Noticed you've still got "Knights of Order" linked even though they've disbanded. Such a shame. I plan to keep leading my community and help advert other websites/clans until the day I die. Even though I finally got one of my accounts to max levels I continue the ongoing effort now with duo log RS2 in an attempt to expand the group to that version also with membership raffles and drop parties someday.