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Read Before Requesting Alliance
« on: April 23, 2005, 07:56:18 PM »
The Dragonz are almost always open to new allying clans. When looking for an ally we are not necssarily looking for strength in numbers; skillfull memebers, well organized clans, strong values and honor are just a few things we consider when considering the acceptance of a new ally.

Please include answers to the following questions. An unanswered question only slows down the process of completing an alliance, so please ensure being as clear as possible.
We are sorry....but we do not accept runescape classic clans as allies....however if your clan plays runescape 3d regularily we can accept you as an ally.

1. Since when has your existed?
2. How many members does your clan have?
3. Does your clan have a website and memberlist? (Please give us links)
4. Why are you Requesting to be an ally of The Dragonz?
5. What are your clan requirements? Please list ALL requirements
6. What benefit will your alliance bring to The Dragonz clan?
7. Who are your current allies? Who are your current enemies?
8. Will you have an allied Diplomat to regularily browse our forums? If so- Who?
9. Finally, please leave us 1-3 email addresses we can reply to your alliance request.

If you properly filled out this form, you will get your reply within 1 to 3 days.
Thank you for chosing us to be your ally.

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