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She slowed the chariot as they were cloaked in darkness
The moon's sparkling rays against the lake, she let her horses and lambs
Drink from the lake as she made a fire

The chilling breath of the Anemoi dancing around them
She herded the lambs again into the chariot and sat meditating
In front of the fire.  Even though she heard the rustling in the

Distance, she continued to meditate, palms open to the sky
And eyes closed, the fire dancing shadows against her bronze
Skin, barely any motion, just a steady slow rise of her chest

As she breathed in and out.  In front of her, she had laid a parchment
One she had prepared while she was waiting for her generals
One that she had to guard at all costs.  Then suddenly the rustling stopped.

She opened her eyes, she grabbed the parchment and leaped over the fire just
As two wolves collided into each other from opposite sides
Their target was the Queen.  Then thick blue haired arms grabbed her

Picking her up off of the ground, she kicked out its knees and the ape-like
Creature hit the ground.  A hyena then snarled and tore at her cape, but
She picked it up and tossed it across the campsite.  It yelped as it bounced

Off of the ground.  Then two griffins appeared, clawing at her hair
She grabbed wood from the fire and they flew back
She never felt the spider crawling on her cape as it approached

Her neck and then down her arm as it clenched the parchment
A high pitched squeal was heard as the spider shape shifted into its
Human form, a spotted hairy youth, male, with pointy yellow hairs

"I won, I won!"  The young man danced around holding the parchment
"Oh yeah, how you like me now!"  He said to the wolves who also shape
shifted into their human form, twins, a boy and a girl.

"You just got lucky Webby...in fact she let you win."  The young man said
Raising his hand up as if to block out the boasting.
A lion and elephant joined them seconds after that, out of breath,
"Gah, I told you whiskers that we were going to be late!" 

The young girl shapeshifted out of her elephant form
"Well when nature calls, you gotta listen."  The lion said, who was the only one
Who could not change forms.   The Queen smiled at her army of misfits...

Her Oounakii and motioned for them to join her at the fire.
"Well looks like Webby, you are the commanding officer on this next mission."
She said as she took a seat next to the open fire.

"My Queen, I mean no disrespect but I will not be taking orders
From a youth."   Dorian said, his lion brow furrowed as he spoke.
"Dorian, while I understand your concern you must understand

That the system of rotation I have established for the Oounakii
Is to allow all of you to grow in your skillsets, whether it be
Fighting, leading, spying, teamwork, or sabotaging,

You are all place in the commanding position because
I want you all to be great generals.  The youth cannot learn
By watching alone, they must be exposed to the opportunity

To give them the experience they need to draw from
To make decisions in life or death scenarios.  Do you understand?"
Dorian's brow relaxed as he had not thought of it that way

And replied, "My apologies my Queen, I did not view it as
Such but now see your intent."  He then turned to Webby
And said, "Okay brat, if you need advice, you better

Speak up or be my dinner."  He roared out a laughter
As Webby's color turned somewhat pale
"I kid."  Dorian said as he sat crossing his paws

In front of him.  "Speaking about dinner."  The Queen said
As she unloaded the chariot.  They all picked out a lamb,
Devouring them like a hungry pack of wolves.

The Queen dragged Sieger's body in front of Dorian.
"For you my noble friend."  Dorian's eyes lite up
And he chomped on Seiger's head as an appetizer.

She cut off a leg from a lamb, and roasted it on the fire
As the smell of singed wool filled the air.
They all gathered round the fire as they feasted.

"Talons,"  The Queen spoke as she took a bite, "Report troops."
The Griffins took turns speaking.  "1000 men, oh sorry
990 men."  The Queen looked up from her food curiously.

Webby smiled, "We got a lil hungry on our watch."
The Queen shook her head and asked, "Location?"
The Griffins responded, "14 hours away to the east."

"They have a caravan of chariots with weapons and
Rations."  She then turned to the wolf twins, "Artillery?"
The boy, Howler, spoke first, "5 chariots of Archery, spears

And swords, 30 ballistas, 20 catapults, and another 5 chariots
Of arrows and ammunition.  14 horse drawn battle chariots.
And a chariot of necessities for potions."  The girl, Taldor, spoke next

"250 each of wizards and rangers, 485 warriors, 4 cooks
And the Black Prince."  Webby spoke next, " 40 on foot,
The rest on horses.  30 generals, 10 regularly are seen

With the Black Prince."  The Queen absorbed all the information
Cataloging it in her mind for her discussion with Garag later.
"I need more time."  The Queen said taking another bite from her

Cooked lamb.  Dorian spoke, "We can set traps and sabotage
Their rations."  The Queen nodded in approval.  Webby said,
"And we can pull wheels off of chariots."  Then they started

To Brainstorm all the ways they had to make the army
Reduce to a crawl.  "Good, you have your next assignment."
The Queen said, finishing up her meal and headed back to her

Chariot, leaving the Oounakii to discuss strategy
And assignments.  As she rode back, her mind raced not
Paying attention to a black crow following her.

Then out of no where, the Griffins attacked the crow
Shredding it to pieces.  For the spy would not be letting
The Black Prince know their plans.  They returned

To the campsite.  The Oounakii each owed the Queen
Their lives.  On her travels she had saved them from
Persecution and befriended them, creating a family

Of misfits.  She personally trained them all, so they would
Fit her vision of a highly skilled diverse military force.  The
People of Mercuria feared them, but knew that the Oounakii   

Were loyal to the Queen.  She gave them the surrounding
Area of the kingdom, to rule and do as they pleased
Acting as another layer of protection for the great kingdom.

And for this, they were accepted by the Mercurians.
The Queen arrived in the Kingdom, fatigued from
Her travels and the pressure of the mounting war.
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A Kingdom In Peril

She arrived in her chambers at the half way mark
Of the moon.  Her eyes stung from the lack of sleep.
Her body was completely on auto-pilot.

Yet, she could not sleep.  She had to address her people
Her family, she had to unite them, inspire them,
And calm their fears.  The Prince's Army she

Had underestimated, figuring about 500 men and women
But it was double that.  Her internal conflict rose, did she
Act selfishly?  Did she endanger her entire kingdom for love?

"Eros, curse this arrow which pierces my heart and soul."
The weight of love heavy on her mind, her thoughts clouded with
Its uncertainty, she had never loved before...she had never

Felt the rise of fire burning through the walls of her chest
Yet it was all she could do to prevent herself from cutting out
Her heart and throwing it across the room.

She poured herself a shot of nectar, twisting the glass in her
Fingers as she thought of what to say...and she began to write
And write she did until the moon was almost tucked away.

Garag found the Queen asleep on a bed of parchment at her desk,
He woke her up softly, "My Queen, our people expect you within the
Hour."  She nodded, wiping the sleep out of her eyes.  She bathed

Letting the hot water soak her sore muscles.  She could have stayed there
For hours, but proceeded to get ready.  The commotion in the courtyard
Rose as the Queen stepped onto the balcony.  A hush seemed to fall over

The crowd as she acknowledged them with a nod.  "Mercuria, I am before you
Not as your Queen, not as your leader, but as your sister, your family.
I come before you not baring promises I do not intend to keep

But to tell you that, today, we are a kingdom defending against tyranny.
Many of you think I have acted selfishly, bringing this upon you...
I would say that I have not.  It was never my intention to put

The kingdom, my family, at risk.  It was never my intention
To stand before you as you cling onto your children going to war
And tell you they may die.  It was never my intention to have any

Member of my family in danger.  But, I will not let my friends become slaves.
I will not let my family be abused, used and exploited.  I must fight, for our
Freedom, so that those who wish to own us, will think twice before setting

Foot on our magnificent kingdom."  She paused and as she did some of
The calvary shouted "Tulshar!"  which is the Mercurian battle cry
In support of the Queen.  She continued,  "I know we are not like our

Spartan cousins, we do not savor war, we are intellectuals, we are
A kingdom rich with resources, human resources, our minds, our hands,
We create what those only wish they could, we lead, never follow."

She paused again, now more of the military shouted "Tulshar!"
"I want you to think of Odysseus, and of his ten years of trials away
Only to return home to a house full of Suitors.  Odysseus, the cunning,

Who used his wit to beat impossible odds.  We are no different from him.
We possess the most underestimated weapon of all, the mind."
"Tulshar!"  By now 75% of the kingdom was shouting it.

"We have an advantage, this is our home, our land.  We know every
Part of this kingdom and its surrounding area, which will prove as
A valuable advantage.  We are masters of disguises.  We are master

Craftsmen.  Right now as I speak, Pathorg and his men are crafting
Armory far superior to any civilization around.  So I ask you one question
Would you prefer to be enslaved for the rest of your life ruled by

Someone who doesn't know or care who you are?  Or will you fight,
For our future, for our children and for our kingdom,
Would you fight, for your family?"  The crowd now all stood up and shouted

"Tulshar! Tulshar! Tulshar!"  They were chanting when the Queen motioned
To speak.  When they silenced, she spoke again.  "Brothers and Sisters,
I will be right there with you on the front line, fighting to the death if necessary.

I do not ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself.  So today, let us feast
Let us celebrate, provide sacrifices to the gods and goddesses.  For today,
We  are not a kingdom, we are one force, united, we are...Mercurians!"

"TULSHAR!"  The crowd was on fire, and the Queen's heart was once again
At peace.  As they shouted, she stepped down and headed to Mythist
To see what news she had of any white magic, anything for her people.

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Mythist, The White Witch

Mythist was born an albino Mercurian,
The only color she had was in her iceblue eyes
And the tulip pink of her lips.

Her cloud white hair glowed in the dark library of magic
As LaanXoan approached her rather quickly
She was so startled she almost dropped the book

On LaanXoan's feet.  The book of spells was one
That LaanXoan had brought back as a token
Of friendship from the Alliance of Wizards.

Mythist laid it on the table as LaanXoan took a seat
Across from her.  Mythist's eyes were bloodshot
Having been up all night researching.

The book had different colored parchments,
Serving as bookmarks so Mythist could easily
Retrieve them.  She looked up at the Queen

And smiled with twinkling eyes.  "I think you
Will be pleased with what I have found but
I am not sure if it is exactly what you were hoping."

LaanXoan looked at her, "Well come come, don't just
Sit there like the old woman on the mountain smug
And taunting, do tell woman."  Mythist started with

The blue markers.  "These are the elements of water
Spells.  They consist of Healing, Curing, and lvl 3 spell blockers."
LaanXoan smiled because all those were spells her

People would need.  "Fantastic Mythist.  What else?"
She turned to the brown ones, "These are elements of
Earth Spells.  They consist of Fortification, Strength

And Quake spells."  LaanXoan nodded.  Then Mythist
Turned to the white ones.  "These are elements of Air
Spells.  They consist of Manipulation of Weather elements

And temporary flight.  And the orange ones, are elements
Of Sun and Fire.  None of our mages would be at the level
To cast these, they are level 13+.  There is one that may be useful,

A light cast Spell.  It is suppose to defend against any dark magical attack
No matter what attack it is.  Even though we cannot cast it
I page marked it for the future."  LaanXoan looked at Mythist

Disappointedly.  "No one can cast it?"  Mythist nodded her head.
Then a deep male voice spoke from behind them.  "I can."
LaanXoan turned around to find warm sea foam green eyes greet her.

Prince Theos, a devilishly handsome young man, with short curly
Locks of blond hair, always smirking like he was up to no good.
It was no wonder Apollo was enchanted with him, he could

Have easily passed for a God.  The Prince was the head of the
Alliance of Wizards, and one of the most powerful wizards
In all of Greece.  LaanXoan ran to hug him, when another figure

Caught her eye.  "No, why did you bring her here, Theos."
She said.  "What, she said you two were close and she was worried
About you.  I told her she shouldn't worry, you are as

Mad as the Maenads during Dionysus' festival,"  Theos said trying
Not to laugh.  "Be Silent Theos, before I smite you with my sword."
"Careful love, I have a party later, I need to conserve my energy

For my after dinner treats."  He charmingly smirked
At her as he went to introduce himself to Mythist.
"Lovely, I have not seen an albino in all my travels."

Theos said as he kissed Mythist's hand.  "Prince Theos,
At your service my lady."  Mythist bowed and for the first
Time had color in her cheeks as blood rushed to its surface.

"Mythist, general of the wizard wing, sire."  Mythist responded
Softly.  "A general, then I shall behave."  The Prince winked
At her and then spotted the open book.  "Ah the book of

Spells, no wizard should be without it.  Luckily for me, " He tapped
His forehead with his fingers.  "I got it memorized.  But lets discuss
Strategy shall we general Mythist?"  "Please, Mythist is fine Prince

Theos."  Mythist spoke but did not gaze into his eyes for fear she would
Melt.  "Then please, call me Theos."  The two took a seat at the table
And began jotting notes on parchment and discussing how their

Two groups would best work as one.  LaanXoan couldn't believe it.
The two people she wanted to protect, are here in the most dangerous
Spot of all.  She looked at Airrionna, who was heartbroken that

Her love was not more enthusiastic to see her here.  After all,
She was here for her.  "Please tell me you did not bring your
Troops here as well."  Airrionna looked up at LaanXoan angrily

"No but what if I did, does it give you any right to speak to me
In such an aloof manner."  With that she stormed out into the streets
And back into the Chariot.  LaanXoan chased after her.  "Wait,"

She stood by the chariot side and the princess turned her back on
Her, "I'm sorry.  It's just, I don't want to see you hurt and here you
Are, about to be in the middle of my war and I can't do anything

About it."  The princess still did not turn around.  "My love, please
I just, I want you to be safe because I love you so much.  To see you
Here truly makes me happy because I have missed you."

The princess turned around, "You sure have a strange way of showing
It Mercurian."  She said.  "Is there a place I can freshen up.  We have
Been traveling for 2 days."  "Yes of course, here, you can use my personal

Chambers."  She grabbed her hand and escorted the princess to
Her castle.  The chamber maids quickly rushed the princess to the
Bathing area and LaanXoan began her meet and greets with her people.
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"My Liege, your attention is needed immediately"
The general said with a shaking voice.
The Black Prince looked up from his book

Of Spells and followed the general out of his
Tent.  "Why am I being disturbed General
Zolate?"  The Prince asked irritated.

"Sire, it appears we have been sabotaged.
Our chariots are all missing two wheels,
Half our rations are destroyed,  and

Several vials from your magical ingredients
Chariot have been destroyed. "  The general
Responded avoiding a direct look at the Prince.

"WHAT!"  The Prince yelled angered.  "Who is
Responsible?"  The general motioned for the
15 men on watch last night to step forward.

"Sire, we...we noticed nothing out of the ordinary
Last night."  The commanding watchman spoke
Scared to the core.  The Prince turned around with

His wand in hand.  "Rageous Torcha!"  And with a
Wave of his wand the watchmen were all turned to ashes
Instantaneously.  "I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS

INCOMPETENCE!" His closest general, Posiegn, stepped
Forward to speak to the Black Prince.  "My liege we will
Need 48 hours to repair the equipment to be able to move

Forward."  The Black Prince ran his hand through his hair
Then swung around to the general with his wand pointing at him,
"You have EXACTLY 24 hours to resolve this.  No more.  Do NOT disturb

Me again until this situations has been rectified!"  He stormed
Back to his tent.  He sat down at his portable desk, then he stood
Up, tossing the table over, and kicking the chair hard

Which hit Webby's spider form knocking him from the wall
He managed to crawl out of there and into the nearby forest
Before he turned into his human form.  Howler discovered him
As they were making the last adjustments to the trap moments later.
"Webby?"  Howler said, in his wolf form.  He sniffed him to see if he
Was still alive.  He was, but barely.  He dragged him for a few feet

Then howled for the Talons to help.  They came and carried him
Back to their camp.  They all gathered round Webby, he was loosing color
Fast.  He was internally bleeding, several of his organs had been punctured

During his crushing accident.  He looked up at Howler, and grabbed his arm
Pulling him close.  He whispered, "Beware of the Dark Book of Tongues."
Those were his last words as he fell limp to the ground.  The Oounakii

Were in a state of shock.  They had gone through life thinking they were
Invincible.  None of them ever counted on ever having to face death.
Webby was the youngest and newest addition to the group.

His greatest attribute, was his humor.  He kept them laughing.
Now, he was gone.  A soldier loyal to the Queen even in his
Last living breath...he was the most persistent of them all.

There was a moment of silence, as they all remembered him.
The Talons, Taldor and Zephina all started to cry.  Dorian spoke up,
"Zephina, we will need you to carry his body back to our home."

Zephina shape shifted into her elephant form, and gently picked up
Webby's limp body, putting it on her back.  They all began to chant
A chant they sang together when they were on watch as they

Brought the body back to Mercuria.  They chanted all the way
To the kingdom.  The  eleven figures moved fast across the lands
Back to their home.  Dorian led the way, somberly.
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A Hero Comes Home

LaanXoan began her rounds with Pathorg's Shoppe
She entered and she could hear pounding against anvils
As she stepped into the work area, Pathorg smiled up at

His guest.  "My Queen,"  He bowed as she approached him.
She grabbed his shoulder with a sigh, "You know, I don't
Need you to bow to me Pathorg."  He smiled and stood

About 4 inches shorter than her, his bald head shining from
Sweat.  "Your father used to tell me the same thing.  Consider
It my silent way of not obeying you."  He snickered to himself.

"Come, you must see this armor.  Here, this is especially tailored
For you, my Queen."  His eyes twinkled like the stars on a cloudless
Night as his chest puffed out with pride in his craftsmanship.

The armour  was dark and light, it appeared to have its own motion
Even when stationary.  The light was lost in the dark and reflected off
The light, as if magnified.  It was unlike anything she had ever seen.

She put it on not surprised at its perfect fit.  "Pathorg, this is truly
Amazing.  What material is this?"  Pathorg smiled half crooked.
"Lets just say your grandfather sent you an early birthday gift."

Lulu came up and placed a cape, made from the same material only
Wooven into a chain mail cape.  The Queen hugged them both
Believing she was truly blessed to be surrounded with such

Amazing, caring people.  "You both are too generous."  She kissed
Them on the cheeks.  Lulu spoke, "You were always like a daughter
To us, Laan.  You should know that Pathorg and I love you very much.

I hope that we all survive this.  But in case we do not, I want you to know
How much you mean to us.  Pathorg and I never could have children.
You and this kingdom are all the family we have."  The lil old lady started

To tear up a lil as she said.  "Na koo zee ba danuke twee."  LaanXoan responded
Softly as she hugged them, "And I also love you both very much."  Pathorg then
Showed the Queen the armory they have been working on.  The metal had an

Unusual glow.  LaanXoan gazed at it  for a while but didn't think the
Phoenix feather was the only extra element.  "Pathorg, why does it glow like
 that?"  She asked him as his smile broadened.  "My Queen, that is our very

Own Mercurian Lumininite.  It is a rare metal which we keep locked for
Special occasions.  Well, I couldn't think of a better occasion than this." 
LaanXoan looked at him with inquisitive eyes.  "Special

Properties?"  "Observe."  The old man said as he put the armor on the
Ground.  The armor texture morphed...and soon it blended in with the
Floor.  "That is amazing Pathorg!  Anything else?"  The old man smiled

At the Queen, "Well it depends on the beholder."  "What do you mean?"
The old man picked up the armor and put it on.  Suddenly, his body
Started to change, into his youthful self, strong and tall.

"It has the ability to amplify your life force back to its peak."
The Queen and Lulu looked at him like they had seen a ghost.
"Now, what I am not sure of is how long the effects last."

"That isn't just from the feather is it?"  The Queen asked.
"No, but because of the feather combined with the spring where
This metal is mined, I am guessing produce a fountain of youth

Type effect."  "Amazing."  The Queen said, as Lulu laughed a little.
Pathorg looked at her as she chuckled, "Well it be a fibbing
Fountain of youth effect, you have never been that tall."

Pathorg's brow furrowed. "Shush woman, Torbit faul twoo."
She laughed herself into the kitchen to fetch some tea.
LaanXoan laughed at the cute old couple as Pathorg took

The armor off.  "We shall be done in 4 hours my Queen."
"Excellent work my old friend.  I will let Garag know he
Can start sending the warriors here for final fittings."

She hugged him once more and yelled good bye to Lulu who
Was still giggling in the kitchen. "Also send the rangers
And Wizards, we have fashioned a thinner version of the

Metal into wizard robes and ranger gear."  "You are a genius
Pathorg."  Pathorg smilled his crooked smile.  "Thank you
My Queen, but I am not a genius...after all, we are no

Better than Odysseus."  "Indeed my old friend...indeed."
She headed out the smithing shoppe and started for the town
Center.  There was a roar of commotion, as she entered the

Center, her mouth dropped.  There were tables set up all over
The place, kids making arrows, mothers sewing robes, fathers
Building machinery.  She stopped at the closest table, "Seth,

What is going on here."  Seth bowed, "My Queen, we were so
Inspired by you, we are crafting our way to freedom."
He pointed to the first row of tables.  "That is the

Archery section.  The town fletchers gathered and brainstormed
And came up with this."  He pulled out what looked like several
Arrows and bolts strung together about 30 to 40 a batch.

Then he pulled out his crossbow and inserted the first bolt
into it, she noticed immediately the modifications to the
crossbow.  Then he began to rapid fire at a nearby target

The rangers were practicing on.  She gasped, "Amazing."
Seth smiled and showed her the arrows and bolts. "Those are
Smaller than before."  The Queen said.  "Yes, they will

Be almost invisible when shot at the speeds these can travel."
"So, if the enemy doesn't see the danger..."  Seth finished her
Sentence, "They cannot avoid it.  But come, we have more

Inventions.  Look,"  He pointed to the guard walks on the top
Gate.  There was a sheet of glass/mirror like circular objects
Strung together with pullies and ropes on each end. "What in

The name of Zeus is that?" She asked him.  "Well, the glass
Blowers thought, if we could somehow temporarily blind their
Rangers, it would allow us time to attack them with ours."

"Reflecting the sun's rays into their eyes."  "Yes.  Oh but the
Best thing is over here,"  He took her to the alchemists and
Engineer area.  "Guys, can we demo our top secret weapon for

The Queen?"  They smiled and got the little doll dressed
In black wizard robes just like the Black Prince.  "Seth,
Stand back a little more."  Seth extended his arms in front

Of the Queen as they backed up.  Then one of the guys threw
The doll onto a patch of grass, and then the ground exploded
And dirt and doll parts flew everywhere. "Hades fire, what

Is that?"  The Queen asked.  "That my Queen, is what they call
The SOL bomb.  The engineers have made a special casing
Sensitive to weight.  When the casing starts to collapse

Due to weight from above, the explosive bomb ignites thanks
To a special liquid and design from our Alchemists."  The
Queen was speechless, her people were coming together to

Come up with military inventions to help give them an edge over
The Black Prince's army.  She didn't tell them that they
Were outnumbered 3 to 1, but the Mercurians being the

Innovators they were, were coming together to beat the odds
Through their own skills and knowledge.  She was taken back by it all.
Then, the guards started to yell "Open the gates, Open the gates!"

The Queen ran to the gates and when her eyes met Dorian's, she knew
Something had gone horribly wrong.  Then she saw Zephina...
Then Webby.  There was a sudden silence in the Kingdom.  Zephina

lifted Webby off of her back and into the arms of the Queen.
The Queen carried him through the town center to the alter,
Tears streaming from her eyes.  The Oounakii followed in a

Single line behind her.  The Mercurians held each other and
Some of the kids started to cry, "I don't want to die mummy."
They were picked up and held by their moms as if that was

The last time they were to ever see each other.  Garag and
The Generals followed behind the Oounakii.  When the Queen
Got to the alter, she laid Webby's cold blue body on the

Priest's bench.  She kneeled beside him, tears flowing
Freely.  She could not take her eyes off of him.  He was
14 in human years, barely grown.  He was like a son to her

Even though she had only known him for a year, he held a
Special spot in her heart.  The Mercurians gathered around
The alter in a semi-circle. They all held their heads down

As the Queen turned to them and spoke, "I am sorry Oounakii,
For the loss of our brother Webby.  I am also sorry to all
Mercurians, that this is a harsh reality of what we are

About to face.  When I first found Webby,"  She had to stop
As her voice was breaking up, and she had to fight hard
To hold back her tears.  "When I first found Webby,

He had just been beaten down by some of his own kind because
He had yellow hair on his back.  They no more knew his name
And almost killed him over his appearance, because he was

Not like them.  Even when he was bleeding badly as I helped
Him up from the ground, he smiled with blood dripping from
His lips and said," She had to stop and compose herself again

Sniffling and then clearing her throat, "He said Don't worry
About me, they can hurt me all they want but they will never
Break me.  I never forgot that day.  For such a young man to

Have such courage, such will to survive, is why Mercuria is
His home.  Let us not forget him as we face our enemy.  He
Died a warriors death, and shall have a hero's welcome.

Tonight we will gather in his honor and remember his spirit."
Garag came up to her, "But my Queen the war."  "Garag, I do
Not care, we will honor our fallen.  We have time.  Also,

Make arrangements to bury him after the gathering in the north
lot."  "But, that is the royal lot."  "I know...he is my family."
She looked up at Garag with eyes glowing with sadness.  He

Nodded and obeyed.  She motioned for the Oounakii and her
Generals to follow her to the Magical Library, where she would
meet with Theos, Mythist, Garag, the Oounakii and her Generals.

Asians FTW!!


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Okay so I am a little too stressed to write the next blog chapter but...enjoy this intermission, its one of my favorite pieces in my collection of poems:


I sit on the floor, surrounded by colors
Each one vivid, independent, safe
In its little silo
A blank canvas lies ahead of me
Staring at me, daring me
To wreck it's perfect off white world
The floors blanketed, protected or so they think
I pick up the first can, heavy, full
I throw its contents across the room
Red dripping from my fingers
The blankets splattered with its blood
The canvas no longer pure
I feel superficially justified
The fresh paint breathing faster
As its life dries before it
This is too much like the last month of my life
Four years, to be lost in just one month
Angered, frustrated, I pick up the next can
This time I run and fling
Tossing the contents with such a force
It almost swallows the red
The two colors bleeding, meshing
The blue dominating the red
The calmness overcoming the anger
My life shot and tossed like the paint on the floor
Remnants everywhere, of our relationship
I breathe slowly, watching the air bubbles popping
Struggling against the suffocating paint
I pick up another can and take a few steps back
Thinking of you, our last kiss, what your last words to me were
This time I throw and the can leaps from my finger tips
The color flips out, hitting me, the ceiling, the walls
Spinning out of control until it smacks the canvas
And falls lifeless to the ground
The envious green oozing out of the can
Almost taking its own path against the canvas
Away from the blue and red as if in denial
Refusing to surrender, to give up
Much like my hopeful romantic soul
You choked with your silence
Tears burning against my cheek
My mind exploding with memories
I lose myself for what seems like hours
Only to find myself in the same spot I was in
When we first met, this endless circle that never ends
The canvas laughing at me, taunting me
I pick up another can
I twirl and twirl and release
The can flies forward, spinning sideways
Until it knocks the canvas over
The bright yellow slowly taking its time
Seeping into the canvas, the lip of the can patterned
Making its mark, I slowly pick up the can
Put the canvas back on the easel
I put my hand on the yellow, smearing it
Dragging my hands over it, blending the colors
The cold paint wakes my soul
My eyes no longer wanting to cry
No longer longing to be in your presence
I grab a towel and wipe off my hands
Wipe off the paint and tears
I pick up the brush
And dip it into the last color
No longer needing to throw it
No longer needing to release it
I paint a purple circle
And turn it into the sun
Because even though I know why the paint is the way it is
And what this canvas really stands for
No one else will ever know
Because that is how you want it
And no matter how much this hurts
A gentlewoman always keeps her word.

Copyright 03/2007 Christa L. Claire

Asians FTW!!


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The Dark Book Of Tongues

Theos and Mythist looked up as LaanXoan entered
Followed by the Oounakii and her Generals.
Mythist noticed the watery eyes of LaanXoan

But before she could ask, LaanXoan spoke softly after a deep sigh,
“Webby’s loss is a slap of reality for me.  I can’t put any more of
You in danger.  I am going to surrender myself to the Prince

In exchange for your freedom.”  Theos laughed as LaanXoan shot him
A look that could have killed him if she had such a power.
“Don’t be foolish.  You know as well as I that the dark

Ones have no honor, no cause to keep their promise.  Better you stay
By our sides and fight.  He will wager war either way and you are
But a naďve victim to think otherwise.  I say nay, you fight, we fight.”

Theos stood up to walk towards her but Garag stopped him,
“We shall support the Queen, no matter what her decision.”
Theos looked at Garag, sizing him up for a challenge.

“Stop it, sit down both of you.”  LaanXoan said, impatient and frustrated.
Dorian stepped forward and spoke, “My Queen, before Webby died
His last words heeded a warning.  Howler.”  Dorian motioned him

To step forward.  Howler nervously rubbed his hands trying to remember
Webby’s words.  “He said…what was it…a book…beware of the dark book…
Of…”  He paused scratching his head when his sister smacked him from

Behind as if to knock the answer into him.  “Ouch!”  “Focus, you nit.”  Taldor
Said, looking at him sternly with her gray eyes.  Howler shook and then blurted out,
“Tongues, he said beware of the Dark Book of Tongues.”  Theos gasped, as the color

Drained from his skin.  “Impossible.”  He whispered as he sat down feeling sick to
His stomach.  “What is it Theos?”  LaanXoan asked him, completely terrified for her
People.  “The Dark Book of Tongues was first introduced by the followers of the

Egyptian God Set, a vile god who had killed his brother, chopping him up into little
Pieces so that he could not be resurrected…he is a demon, a jealous raged demon.
This Dark Book of Tongues,” he sighed before he spoke again.  “ There are spells to

Resurrect ancient evils, spirits of chaos and unspeakable acts of vengeance… if it is
True and the Black Prince possesses such a book, then I fear for all of Greece.”  
LaanXoan closed her eyes, trying not to let fear distort her consciousness.

“Every being, every force, every entity has an exception, it is this fault you must
Open all your senses to...awaken them and let them guide you to it.”  Her mother’s
Voice resounded in her heart and soul, and clarity restored in her mind.

“Every force has an equal opposite.  I believe we are not hopeless yet.  Garag,”
The stoic Mercurian stepped forward awaiting orders. “Begin sending the
Warriors, Rangers and Wizards to be fitted by Pathorg.  Mythist and Theos,

I need you to go to our herbalists and see what mystical plants and resources
We have available for our men and women.  Altreon, gather the fletchers and
Speak to Seth about the modified weapons.  I need a report on how many

We will have available to us.  Dorian, I need you and the Oounakii to speak to
Pathorg about custom fitting amour for you and the Oounakii shape shifters.
I believe LuLu may be able to fashion a stretchable material, which will adjust

To you.  Serif, Zanu, Treac, and Xeg, I need you to visit our alchemists and
Ballistic engineers, see what we can best leverage for protection of the kingdom.
Maer, Zool, and Phaire, I need you to prepare the training grounds.  I will

Be there shortly to discuss tactics.  Garag, join me there.  We will meet again
After the Gathering.  They dispersed and the Queen was left alone in the library.
She sat down putting her hands to her head trying to focus on what was needed of her

What was expected.  As she pressed against her brow and breathed deeply in
A book on the lower shelf caught her eye.  It was a small thick book that almost
Glowed in the dark.  She read the title as she pulled it out and it was a historical

Book of Mecuria and its Natural wonders.   Then popped out of her hands, fell onto
the Table, as the pages flipped wildly.    Then the book stopped…LaanXoan sat in front of
It carefully…fearful of its trickery.   Her eyes opened wider as she read the title of

The chapter, The great tunnels of Mercuria.  “Tunnels?”  She whispered and read
Intently.  Apparently, the tunnels were constructed by her ancestors during the great
War with Blatorgs, to aid in their surprise attacks.  There were tunnels leading from the center

Of the kingdom to various exit/entry points all around the perimeter.  She smiled as
She envisioned several surprise attacks against the Black Princes forces.  With the
Amour that Pathorg made, they could essentially blend into the trees, using the weapons

And spells they had, without ever truly engaging in hand-to-hand combat.  They would be
able to cripple his troops before they even reached the kingdom.  She closed the book
And carried it with her to the training grounds…her eyes sparkling with confidence…
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Posiegn, The Treacherous

His black, souless eyes like pools of oil
His head was slick, unable to grow hair
He looked older than his age of 22.

The men came running to him breathless
"General Posiegn," the young man said between gasps,
"You must come to the chariots at once."

His mouth tightened as he grit his teeth.
The Prince was right, they were complete idiots
These men, its a wonder how they managed

To walk if it weren't for some form of brain cell
Existence.  "What is it now?"  His voice condescending
And belittling, the men didn't dare look at him.

"You," more gasping, "You have to see for yourself."  He followed
 to find himself standing before several holes in the ground.
"What in Hades happened here?" He turned to the men.

Then he heard moans.  He peered into one of the holes
To find five bloody men, three dead due to their necks
snapping.  The other two barely alive, bones broken.

"Useless." He said.  "Set fire to them all, put them out of
Their misery."  He turned to walk away and one of the
Men yelled at him.  "But, we can't just kill them."

Posiegn turned around and swiftly before the man could
No more blink, Posiegn's hand was on his throat, his eyes
Cutting through him without mercy.  "You think you are

On holiday here son?"  Posiegn said, slightly spitting on the man
As the man turned his face away, trying to breath.  "No sir."
"This is war, with war is death.  Smell it, taste it, feel it...it is

Everywhere.  These miserable twigs are useless to our cause."
The man nodded. "Burn them or I will toss you in that hole
So you can show your brotherly love."  With that, Posiegn

Pushed him back in line with the others.  "Anyone else care
To cry on my shoulder?"  There was silence and avoidance
From the men as they hurried to gather wood for fire.

"Pathetic imbeciles."  He said as he smacked his teeth and spat.
Soon burning flesh could be smelt from miles.  The Black Prince
Came out from his tent and approached Posiegn.  "What is that

Wretched odor."  Posiegn responded, "The men found some rotting pigs
Under the chariots, I told them to burn them before they diseased us
All."  The Prince looked at Posiegn sharply.  "Well, next time tell them

To move the fires farther from the campsite.  It is making me nauseous."
Posiegn nodded but in his mind he was picturing blood splattering
As he killed the spineless Prince.  He had to be patient, for timing

Was everything.  Once the Prince had defeated the Mercurians,
He would kill him...and claim the throne for his own along with
Lathodarse.  The Prince was too caught up in females to be worth

Anything.  Dark warriors need nothing of love.  His infatuation
With the Queen made him weak....rubbery.  He was nothing
Compared to Posiegn.  Soon, Posiegn would rule all the lands.

His first order of business was to somehow steal some of the spells
From that book the Prince kept locked away.  With the ultimate
Power of darkness...he would be invincible...indestructible.

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Scurry Scurry

LaanXoan carried the book to Papy, the kingdom's
Scribe.  "Papy,"  The middle age man looked up from
His book pushing his glasses up as the Queen approached.

"My Queen, what do I owe the honor of your visit.  Is
It time for me to pay tribute to the kingdom with my
Services?"  He said scholarly.  "Papy, I need you to make

Twelve copies of this."  She laid the book on his desk, to the
Two page map of tunnels.  "Fascinating, I had completely
Forgotten about the tunnel systems."  He said as he got up

To fetch more parchment.   "When shall they be ready?"
Papy came back with a stack of parchments.  "Well if I get
My students."  The Queen cut him off, "No one else is to

Look at this except for you Papy."  Her tone was very
Authoritarian like, which was something he never
Experienced.  As he looked into her glowing green eyes,

He nodded and complied.  "As you wish my Queen.  It
Will take me half a day, if I stay up all night you should
Have them in the morning first thing."  She sighed.

"Can you make me a copy now?"  He looked at the sun
From the window.  "Come back when the sun has crossed
The tip of the Dhomule Mountain."  She nodded and left,

Headed to get something to eat.  Meanwhile, over at Pathorg's...
"Well we were told to come to you for amour fitting."  Dorian said.
The old man shook his head.  "I am telling you I have no time to

Try to figure out how to outfit animals."  Pathorg said.  A young boy
Stepped up, he was about the age of Webby.  "Sir, if I may, I would like
To try to make them.  My chores around the shop are complete."

Pathorg looked at the young man through his spectacles, smiling
"Young squire, what do you know of smithing?"  The young man picked
Up a hammer, and quickly made a thin cloth-like material out

Of some scrap metal from the floor.  "I have been watching you
Sir, and I have come up with a new form of armor."  Old Pathorg
Was quite impressed with his technique.  "LuLu!"  He shouted.

The short chubby old woman appeared from the kitchen.  "Great
Zeus, what is with the shouting.  I am old, but not deaf!"  "Sorry my
Darling wife."  Pathorg said smiling at her.  "Oh no, I know that tone.

You want something..."  She said waiting for his request.  "Chimmy here
Has fashioned an new form of amour technique, its almost like cloth.
Being the master seamstress that you are, can you fashion up something

For our noble Oounakii?"  The woman smiled at the word of work and
Being able to contribute.  "But of course.  Bagarii, let me measure you."
The Oounakii followed the old lady to the kitchen, with Chimmy bringing

Up the rear.    In the center of town, Altreon was following Seth around,
Getting counts for his rangers.  "I think, if we continue at the pace we are
At, we should have about 200 units ready with 50-60 rounds of ammo

Each by the morning."  Seth said.  "That is with the 3 hour Gathering Intermission."
Altreon spotted two geese in the far distance.  He took the loaded crossbow from
Seth, who was startled, and aimed for them.  Two quick releases and

The figures dropped from the sky swiftly.  "Most impressive indeed."  The
Master ranger said.  "How many are ready now, I want my men to get use
To the modifications."  Altreon said, his dark brown eyes almost khaki

In the sun, as he ran his fingers through his short and wavy brown hair.
Altreon was stronger than he looked, a tall, thin man with eyes like a
Hawk.  He was the sharp shooter of the lot, and thus, why the Queen

Named him general of the ranging units.  "Lets load up a chariot, we
Should have at least fifty units ready with 20 rounds of ammo each."
Seth said.  "Excellent, we can rotate training so they can be ready."

With that, Seth and Altreon went to fetch a chariot to load up.
In the far eastern garden of the kingdom, Theos and Mythist were
Speaking with Tulip, the Queen's personal gardener and herbalist.

"Is there anything that you think would be useful in this war that we
Can make into potions?"  Mythist asked the elderly lady.  "Well, I seem to
Recall back when Mercurio had a run in with the banshees up in the northern

Himalayas, he wanted me to grow him some birkletrag, and always keep enough
For the entire kingdom if needed."  The old lady said slowly, with a slight crackling
In her voice.  "Birkletrag?"  Theos asked.  "Oh yes, birkletrag.  When grounded

And combined with the spring water from the navel of the mountains, and a dash
Of Aloe and Whispertoels, it forms a light milky blue substance that yields  a curse
Recover effect, essentially curing the one who drinks it of any traces of the curse."

Tulip said while tending to a volamor tree and collecting its flowers.  Theos and
Mythist looked at each other simultaneously then blurted out at the same time,
"How many can we make?"   Serif, Zanu, Treac, and Xeg, were standing before

The alchemists on the opposite side of the garden.  The blonde twins were about
19 in human years, proclaimed geniuses by the scholars of the Kingdom.  In their
quest to turn metals into gold, they had discovered many useful substances accidentally.

One of which they were demonstrating to the Queen's Generals.   They handed the generals
Goggle like eye protectors.  The Generals didn't hesitate to put them on.  As they did, the twins
Scurried around their lab and produced a flat lightweight cube.  The Generals didn't look impressed

But of course, they were about to experience the same demonstration the Queen got earlier.
They alternated talking, "Now Gentlemen, what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart." 
"No, you will think that we have the power of Zeus' staff of lightening."  "And you will find this to be truly..."

"Remarkable," The twins said in unison.  They did some adjusting with a thin metal stick, dug
Up a patch of ground, put the metal cube in it, covering it back up with dirt.  Then,
Motioned for the Generals to stand back.  They rolled a ball over the patch of dirt and

As soon as the ball rolled over it, there was a blast from the ground.  The ball was black from
The explosion.  The Generals were shocked, then realized what they had.  "We can plant those
Things all around the front of the kingdom."  Xeg said as the Generals all nodded and agreed.

"How many of those things do you have?"  Zanu asked.  The boys opened up door and the room was
Stacked from floor to ceiling with small metal cubes.  Garag, caught up to LaanXoan as she was headed
To the Training grounds.  "Done?"  She asked.  "Done." He said.  Maer, Zool, and Phaire were busy

Scurrying putting up the dummies, getting the padded weapons in place and preparing the watering station.
The Queen told them to stop and they discussed the tunnel map she had in her hand.  "Why, the entrance is
Under the fountain."  Maer said.  "Zool and Phaire, stay here and continue the necessary preparations.

Garag, Maer, come with me."  They went to the fountain and searched for the entrance.  "This is impossible."
Maer said, tired of looking at the ground.  Garag looked at the fountain.  "If you were a Mercurian engineer..."
The Queen looked at the fountain statue with it arm pointing north.  "Darn our over zealous ancestors."  She

Said as she climbed into the fountain and pulled the arm.  A hidden stone trap door unlocked and slid sidways
To reveal stairs.  Then as if by magic, the tunnel stones on the walls lit up.  "Shall we?"  They entered into the
center of the tunnels.  The entrance was a circular room, with doorways in each direction about 2 feet from

Each other.  There were bells attached to strings that appeared to run along each of the door way walls.
"Of course, the bell warning system."  Garag and the Queen looked at Maer.  "During the raids on the Blathorgs,
The tunnel runners used the bells to send messages to the tunnel hub general.  The general would decipher

The code of bell rings and then know the exact movements of the approaching Blatorgs, so they could
Plan the best tactic for attacks."  Maer said.  "Do we have anyone who knows this code?"  The Queen asked.
Maer smiled.  "You are looking at them."  Garag smiled too, because when they were younger Maer and

Garag used the code when they re-enacted the war.  "I had almost forgotten all about it, ten years is a long time." 
It was almost time for the Gathering.  "Okay, after the Gathering we will meet with the others to discuss this."
The Queen exited out of the tunnel hub, with Garag and Maer following shortly behind her...
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Immersed in Thought

LaanXoan approached her chambers, where she
Called upon the chambermaids to prepare a bath
For her, one she could enjoy before the start of the

Gathering.   She looked to see if she could spot her
Beloved princess...but she was no where in sight.
"Metilda, is the Princess relaxing?"  "Yes my Queen.

She was exhausted from her travels and is sleeping
In the eastern twilight room."  "I see.  Please fetch
Lilacs and irises from the garden.  Leave her a note

That they are from me."  "Yes my Queen."  With that Matilda
Headed to see Tulip.  The Queen stepped into the warm
Bath, the hot rocks like the sun kisses against her skin.

She laid back and filled her senses with the lavender
And jasmine scents.  The Chambermaids approached
Her ready to give her a massage but she declined.

She wished to be alone with her thoughts, and focus
On the trials ahead.  They left her in the candlelit room,
Steam covering her as she breathed slowly in and out.

She smiled thinking of the look on the Black Prince's face
When he had seen the work of her Oounakii.  Then she started
To cry as visions of Webby dancing happily around her, squeeling.

He was so excited about his victory, an ever so short-lived victory.
She had been working with him on his memory and listening.  He
Had started to recall parchment with heightened detail.   Even his

Sense of hearing had progressed with such speed, she was hoping he
Would be able to do solo infiltration assignments, bringing back
Critical battle plans and information...but he would never see that.

So much potential to be lost in an instance, the thought of it made her
Appreciate life more.  Tonight she would have to make up for her
Behavior to Airrionna, because tonight may be their last night alive...

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Just watched all of the Lord of the rings trilogy last night, and this story hits me as so epic, reminds me of the relationships and battles fought in LOTR.  Great stuff really, keep going.  Not to sound too crude, but it is like the best foreplay ever, just waiting for the climax , is close to better than the climax itself, you want it to last forever.


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Kyle Was Hurr <3

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LOL thank you Mona!!!!   :wub: :wub: :wub:

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The Gathering

The dawn was swift and the day went
By in a batter of the eye, soon the
Walkways lit with fireflies and candles

The Queen struggling to decide which
Garments to fashion for the festivities
Something not too somber, not too bright

But nothing seemed to draw her attention
Leatan, her dressmaker approached with
A beautiful gown fit for a royal ball

"Where did you happen to find those?"
LaanXoan asked, somewhat shocked.
"Actually my Queen, I made this dress

Hoping that one day I would find such
An occasion to wear it myself, but I don't
Think that day will ever come.  So I want

You to wear this dress tonight."  Leatan said
With a deep sigh.  "No, I want you to wear that
Tonight Leatan."  LaanXoan said with a sincere

And warm smile.  "But my Queen..." LaanXoan
Interrupted her swiftly.  "That is not a request,
That is an order."  Leatan's mouth curled upward

With excitement as she left the room in a hurry.
Still left with the dilemma of fashion, LaanXoan
Sat at the edge of the bed, falling back to stare at

Its white cloud like canopy, the sheer material
Floated in her mind as she felt thoughts drain
From her...slowly.  Then Leatan cleared her

Throat as she entered the room to let LaanXoan
Know she was there.  LaanXoan sat up and saw
The most elegant of robes she had seen once before

For they were her father's.  "I decided for your special
Night tonight my Queen, you should wear your father's
Robes.  I will have to take them in of course, but I am sure

You will find this perfect for the occasion."  LaanXoan
Couldn't agree with her more as she quickly undressed
To allow Leatan to do her magic with the thread and needle.

Meanwhile, a sleepy eyed princess awoke to a bouquet of flowers.
There was a note attached, as she picked it up and smiled.
Maybe the Mercurian wasn't such a brute after all, she thought

To herself as she e\inhaled the iris' sweet scent.  The chambermaids
Had brought her in some fresh water from the springs and a clean
Dress for her to wear tonight.  She began to freshen up for the festivities.

As they gathered into the town center, under a blanket of orange,
Purple, and Pink skies, the music was lively and everyone was in
Good spirits.  The Mercurian Nectar ran freely, an assortment

Of fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, pork and beef spread out along
A long chain of tables...everyone sitting, standing together hugging,
Talking, Laughing, truly no one could have been able to tell this

Was a Gathering of a passed family member, nor could they see
The stress of the upcoming war.  No, all you could see for miles
Was a community embracing each other one last time, celebrating

The moment before it was gone.  LaanXoan had gone by the Princess'
Quarters but she was no where in sight.  She came to the town center
In hopes of finding her amongst the masses.  But she was parched, and

Found herself in front of a lovely Mercurian watering hole, partaking
In the most delicious nectar in all the world.  As her lips sipped and the
Mild burn of the Nectar slid slowly down her throat, she felt dainty

Hands press against her eyelids.  Smiling, she grabbed the hands to
Kiss them softly and then turned around to find a beautifully glowing
Princess Airrionna.   She gently kissed her lips, which were like rose

Petals so soft.  "I see you have found me."  LaanXoan said smiling. 
"Although in my defense, I did come by to get you but you already
Left."  The Princess smiled coyly back at her, "Yes, I was quite famished

So I came as soon as I could to fetch some food.  I must say, your cooks
Are beyond fit for royalty.  I have never tasted such delicious and moist
Meats, and the vegetables are incredible."  She said with amazement.

"I believe it must be the fresh springs and the magic of the mountains that
Keeps our animals and plants thriving.  You look ravishing by the way,
Truly."  LaanXoan said forcing herself to look away before loosing herself

In Airrionna's eyes.  "You look quite handsome in these robes as well."
Airrionna said shyly.  "Shall we dance?"  The Queen extended her hand.
Before she could no more bat an eye, the Princess grabbed the Queen's

Hand and lead her to the dance area, practically at a sprinting walk.
By the vegetables, Mythist was pondering what to put on her already
Full plate.  "You know, you can always come back for more."  A deep voice

Said from behind her.  "Oh I know, but that would be inefficient.  Why make
Two trips when you can do it all in one."  She smiled as Theos stepped aside to
Let her pass, following her like a puppy dog with his own pile of meats and

Potatoes.   "Aren't you forgetting the best part?"  He said.  "No, I don't believe
In eating warm blooded creatures.  It is not something I care to do."  Mythist
Responded.  "Oh..."  Theos said as he looked at his plate full of wonderfully cooked

Warm blooded creatures. "Don't worry, I don't think any less of you if you prefer it."
She said smiling.  "Okay, because I usually don't eat like this, I eat um...more fruits
And what not."  Theos said trying to talk himself into a better light.  "Right.  And

Zeus is afraid of fire flies."  She responded.  "You don't give anyone a break do you."
He asked as they sat down at a table.  "I do, if someone is deserving of one."
Altreon spotted Leatan from across the room and something moved inside of him.

He approached her and kissed her hand.  "Madam, would you care to dance or are
You waiting for your escort?"  Leatan nervously responded.  "No, I mean Yes, I mean
Yes I would like to dance and no I am not waiting on anyone."  She turned red trying

To say the words.  He smiled and opened his arm so she could accompany him to the
Dance floor.  Garag watched the Princess and Queen dancing, after just finishing his
Meal.  He fell in love with the Queen the moment his eyes met hers, when he was just

Five.  He worked hard to become a general, partially just to be close to her.  Over the
Years their friendship had grown and he found himself more and more in love with
Her everyday.  His heart was sad, watching his love dancing with her love.  He knew

That his chance had passed.  Lulu laid a hand on his shoulder and sat next to him.
"It's hard isn't it?"  Lulu said to Garag as he looked down.  "What's hard madam."
He said trying to avoid eye contact.  "To watch someone slipping away from you." 

He looked at her surprised.  "I don't know what you.."  Lulu interrupted him.  "Batwaa
Twii."  She said.  "You know exactly what I am talking about." As she nodded her head
In the direction of LaanXoan and Airrionna.  Garag sighed, "Is it that obvious?"  Lulu

Smiled empathetically at him.  "Eros might as well hold a sign over your head and
You be covered in arrows."  She said softly.  Garag sighed again.  "I don't know what
To do.  I don't think she even sees me anymore other than as her best general and

Confidant."  Garag said, looking back at LaanXoan and Airrionna who were laughing
At each other.  "I am sure when the moment is right you will know to do."  The old
Woman got up and gently squeezed his shoulders.  Garag sighed yet again.

The night went on and Apollo's chariot pulled the sun into the eastern sea and the moon
Shone like a beacon in the sky.  The people of Mercuria, young and old, gathered in the
Center as the Queen stepped up to the podium where She had laid Webby just this morning....

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Battle Eve

"My brothers...Sisters...Family, Today's celebration was one of love,
Of togetherness, of remembrance for those both living and dead,
We embrace the moment, as tomorrow may never come."  She

Paused clearing her throat and taking a sip of nectar.  "We do not end
Tonight's celebration, no...we are merely postponing it for a few more
Days.  But tonight, I would like to close the evening with a prayer."

Everyone closed their eyes and bowed their heads.  "Great Mother Athena,
We hope you are there by our sides throughout this challenging time
In our kingdom, we wish our brothers and sisters victory in war,

Courage even through fear, and strength in weakness.  The time is
Near for us to charge arms with the legions of darkness making their
Way to us.  We pray they never step foot on our glorious kingdom's

Soil, and a quick death come upon those that do.  We pray for our
Fallen, may the river styx bare safe passage for them.  But above all
We pray for forgiveness for the bath of blood we will cause.  Shodar Tollum."

"Shodar Tollum," whispered the kingdom.  The musicians played
The last set, as the Queen found her Princess and danced again,
Mind heavy with thoughts of strategy and war...the Princess

Was able to sneak a kiss in as LaanXoan's dazed eyes glazed over.
"What was that for," the Queen asked.  "Just cause,"  the Princess
Smiled flirtatiously at her.  The Queen couldn't help but smile back.

Once the music stopped, everyone pitched in to clean up.  Even the
Queen helped out as the people continued with their preparations for
War.  The Queen sent a messenger boy to gather the generals in her

Private Quarters as she bid the Princess a good night, not noticing
That the Princess followed her and hid just outside the door way,
Unnoticed by those entering the room.  The generals took a seat

Along with Theos, his three high commanders, and the Oounakii. 
The Queen sighed and then looked up at everyone.  "So, here is what
We have." She passed around the tunnel map the scribe had given

To her earlier. "We apparently have tunnels leading from the center
Of the kingdom to several exit/entry points around the perimeter.
This system was used in the ancient war of chaos against the ogres.

There are at least 12 passages if not more, all wired with bells so we
Can leverage the ancient bell warning system which Maer and
Garag know intimately.  We are dealing with an army of
Wizards, Rangers, and Warriors, most on horseback or chariots.

We also have several large ballistic attack weapons that can be
Used to crush and crack our fortress walls.  In addition, we have
An ancient Egyptian book of magic that will prove a heavy

Challenge."  She said as she looked into all their eyes one by one.
She did not see fear, but hope, and the fire of fight.  This gave her
Encouragement so she continued.  "I would like the Oounakii to

Be our tunnel runners and Maer the tunnel hub general, all opposed
Say EI."  None spoke.  "Maer, Garag, I want you two to spend the night
Briefing them on the code."  "Theos and Mythist, I need our mages to be

As close to lvl 13 we can get them for the level of counter spells against
Theirs."  Theos and Mythist nodded and Theos said, "We also have found
An anti-curse potion that may prove useful, the herbalists are making

It now.  As soon as we can gather water for them, they can make as many
As needed for the whole kingdom."  "Excellent, Mythist, gather the messengers
To help with the task of gathering water and take chariots to help.  My

Chariots are available to you for this."  She continued.  "I will need 15 mages,
15 rangers, and 30 warriors to come with me on a mission to cripple the
Princes Army."  Both Theos and Mythist volunteered.  "Theos, I need you to stay

Behind and man the troops behind the fort."  Angered he stood up, "No, I am either
On the front line with you or my men go home."  The Queen frustrated with his
Reactions motioned him to calm down.  "Fine, but not all your men come with me.

You will leave half here with Mythist to man the kingdom defenses."  "Deal."  He said,
As he wanted to protect Mythist from being on the front line as best as he could.  He
Had found himself more and more captivated by her.  Altreon spoke up, "Queen,

We will send our best men with you because we cannot lose you in the first round of battle.
It will not sit well for our people's morale if that were to happen."  Garag stood up, "I second
That.  Our best men should be on this excursion to assure your safety my Queen."

"Done." The Queen responded.  "I need a report on weapons, armory, and whatever else
We have in the works."  Each one by one detailed their discoveries and activities today.
The night fell swift and the meeting ended just before the moon set into the mountains.

The first attack would be made by the Queen right before Apollo rose the sun.  With the tunnels
On their side, they hoped to cripple the Black Prince's army at least twice before they reached
The kingdom walls.  The Princess hurried to beat the Queen back to her room, pretending

To be asleep when she arrived.  The Queen blew out the candles and laid down, then jumped
Up, grabbing her weapons near the bed as the Princess screamed.  "What in Hades name are
You doing?"  The Queen asked, seconds from killing the princess. "What in Hades name are

You doing?  Honestly, you think your enemy would just be sleeping in your bed?  Why in
Olympus are you so paranoid!?"  The Princess screamed back as the pitter patter of feet
Ran to the door, the housemaids with their coat racks and anything else they could find to

Impale on someone.  "Ladies, its alright, the Princes and I are just...um...role playing."
The housemaids giggled and left closing the door behind them.  "Well people don't just
Invite themselves to other people's bed without a warning."  The Queen whispered sternly.

"Well people should be allowed to surprise people without being cut to pieces."  The Princess
Whispered snapping back at the Queen.  "Fine."  The Queen said putting her weapons down.
"Fine."  The Princess said crawling back into the bed huffing and puffing before turning her

Back to the Queen.  They both laid there back to back for a few hours.  There was blanket
Tugging, feet kicking, and an assortment of little angered tiffs under the sheets until finally
They both gave into passion's calling.  Neither slept that night and time slipped away from them...
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The March

The morning came all too soon, the Queen fatigued having not slept at all,
But her skin bright with the glow of love.  The Princess helped her prepare
For battle, helping put on her armor as the chamber maids brought in

Fresh Mercurian tea and coffee, with biscuits and fruit for breakfast.
The Queen looked at Airrionna and said with authority, "I will have two
Of my men escort you back to Arbolon, where you will be safe."

The Princess looked up angrily, "No, I will stay here with you and your
Kingdom, until death falls upon me."  The Queen looked at her again
This time her eyes dark and persistent.  "You do not have a choice

In this matter."  She called for her guards who came quickly.  "Take her
And tell Garag to have two of his men accompany her back to Arbolon."
They grabbed the Princess' arms and she fought screaming.

"I hate you!  I never want to see you again...I thought you loved me
But all you care about is yourself and your stupid wars."  She stomped
On one of the guards foot who released her and then sucker punched

The other in the one spot that renders a man completely helpless instantly.
She gathered her things and the guards went to grab her when the Queen
Motioned for them to let her collect her things.  The Princess stormed off

With the guards limping behind her.  The Queen's heart was saddened but
She would rather her be alive and mad, then dead and gone.  She finished
Her preparations drinking as much tea and coffee possible to give her energy

But the fatigue was heavy upon her body.  She regretted not getting any sleep
And knew that would possibly be a weakness during her battles today.  She
Met up with Garag who seemed to be glowing.  "You look like you are ready

To conquer the world."  The Queen said as he smiled at her, "Perhaps, today
Is a day of immense hope for me."  Garag responded.  His heart light because
He had a run in with the Princess who was completely disgusted with the Queen.

After the morning's attack, he would approach her with his declarations of love.
They walked to the fountains, where the entrance to the tunnels was. 
Maer had already opened the fountain and stood waiting further orders.

"Oounakiii, step forward please." She said as the misfits came forth, still in human form
Except for Dorian.  They wore their fitted armor with pride and
eyes burning with courage...
Or perhaps vengeance for their lost brother Webby.  They waited for the Queen.

"Have you all mastered the bell system."  The Queen asked as they nodded.
"Good.  Maer, take them down to the tunnels and divi out the routes." She said as
Maer nodded but before he headed down to the tunnels, the Queen stopped him.

"Wait, reserve the most southern tunnel for us, we will start our march shortly."
He nodded with the Oounakii following closely behind him, transforming into
Their animal forms while letting out the battle cry "Tulshar!" as Dorian fiercely roared.

The small army the Queen requested stepped up, armed and ready to follow her.
She turned to Theos as he winked at her.  She smiled back and cleared her mind.
Closing her eyes she kneeled as the army did the same.  It was a Mercurian tradition

To kneel before an attack, allowing the warrior to find their life force,
Synch it with the surroundings, and clear their mind so they could focus
On battle, on war, on harnessing their inner strength and courage.

They rose awaiting the Queen's orders.  "This is what we will do, we will pair up
Utilizing the trees, brush, and rocks as shields against the enemy's fire.  We will wait,
For the center of the army, for that is most likely where the Prince will be.

Attack mages first, then rangers if possible.  Avoid hand to hand combat as we will
Barrage then retreat back into the tunnels.  This mission is just to cripple their
Army, not battle against them.  Take care of your partner.  Warriors should be

Paired with either mages or rangers.  We will try this approach and revamp if needed
For the next attack."  She looked into their eyes as they glowed back at her ready.
Theos would pair with Garag as Altreon grabbed her hand and placed an object in it.

"What is this?"  She said as she looked at him bewildered.  "This is the arrowhead my
Grandfather passed to me after we had claimed victory against the Ogres."  He took
The arrowhead from her and put it around her head as it was meant to be warn around

The neck.  "The string is from my grandmother, who made it from the great mountain
Wolf hide.  The teeth are from the great white shark, symbolizing the warriors sharpness."
"I can't wear this Altreon, it should be on you."   She tried to take it off but he stopped her.

"My queen, if I am not able to stop those from killing you, I would perish from guilt.  This
Is my way of ensuring your protection through our ancestors.  Dol anfal twii dore."
She didn't argue, and thanked him with a kiss on the forehead.  "Two bal, two dar, dan du."

She whispered, which was a blessing from her to him for his thoughtfulness and generosity.
Fatigue was beginning to pull on her, so she quickly motioned for them to head down into
The tunnels.  The men paired up then followed, two by two, as they marched into the tunnel

Maer motioned for them.  Garag told Maer he would signal they arrived at the exit point.  He
Nodded and sat at the hub desk with ink and papyrus ready.  He had also brought some
Squires to help him capture the signals being sent, assigning the young men two bells to keep

Tabs on.  The boys stared at the bells in anticipation, beaming with pride of being able to
Contribute to their kingdom.  The march of men and women echoed as the small army
March southward along the warmly lit corridor.  Apollo had not begun his journey across

The sky so it was still dark out.  They reached the exit point within the hour and Garag
Quickly messaged of their safe arrival, notating that the exit point was clear.  The men
And women spread out, taking several spots along sides of the road, falling back just a bit

In order to give them room to retreat when it is time.  Some of the archers climbed up into
The trees along with the mages, with their partner waiting hidden at the base of the tree
The rustling soon was silenced with only the wind whispering to them.  They waited...anxiously.

Meanwhile, the Princess and her two escorts began their journey on horseback, with a few
Days of provisions.  The escorts were advised to take all the back roads and to kill anyone that saw
Them once they were outside of the kingdom.  As they headed into the blanket cover of the forest,

Two ravens followed closely.  The Prince smiled as his black glowing eyes spotted the Princess.
"Poseign."  He said with some excitement in his voice, coming out of his trance.  "Yes," Poseign
Responded quickly hiding his black leather and twig bound book, containing torn pages from the

Dark Book of Tongues.  He was trying to take every opportunity to memorize spells before
The battle begun.  "Send some men to fetch the Princess for me.  Order them to kill the escorts
But she is to be brought to me alive.  If any harm comes to her, tell them it will be their last

Order from me, for I will curse them to Hades."  He said.   The day was looking bright for him
Already.  "Yes, my liege."  Poseign said between his teeth, disgusted at the Prince's obsession.
He came out of the tent and ordered 10 men to head north, intercept the Princess, and kill

Her escorts.  "And if you FAIL to bring the Princess back ALIVE, you will find yourself on a path
To Hades.  Do I make myself clear?"  The men nodded and took off quickly.  Poseign decided to
Hide as Apollo began his ride across the sky.  He had torn out 5 spells from the book, which he

Needed to seek out animals for practicing on, especially the deadlier curses.  He snuck off into
The woods to continue his memorization and practicing of the spell executions.  The Prince
Took only a small portion of breakfast, his mind too full of war and strategy, food fell to the

Bottom of the priority list.  The men were making their last preparations as they began to march
North towards Mercuria.  The Black Prince mounted his chariot, which was in the center of the
Army convoy.  He looked for Poseign but found him no where in sight.  He thought it odd but was

Soon distracted by his generals riding by his side, discussing their attack strategies and awaiting
The Prince's approval.  Meanwhile, a bald man in a black cloak muttered an ancient language of
Egypt, as two nearby squirrels turned to dust and blew away into the wind.  The wizard smiled.
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