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Writer's Corner
« on: February 27, 2009, 12:20:31 AM »
Okay so one of my many hobbies is writing.  In my old clan I had a lil section for people to post their poetry, stories, creations...so I would like to start this thread on that.  I love mythology so I will probably be posting my story here because, I think its kewl...LOL...

One of the reasons H and I are together is because of my stories...she fell in love with my writing.  I hope you enjoy it as well and please feel free to share your collections.  Hugs!

Asians FTW!!

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Writer's Corner
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2009, 12:30:13 AM »
Aphrodite's daughter, the Elvin Princess

In a far distant land, lies a beautiful Elvin princess
Her father, Nendhal, king of the Elves,
Her mother, Aphrodite, the goddess of love

No beauty be fairer than her
Her long dark hair like the moonlit night
Her skin like the finest silk

They come from all corners of the world to woo her
The men, the women, the immortal
For she is the fairest of all

In the distance a roar of 3000 mechanical horses
Two blazing wheels of fire and fearlessness
The descendant of the steel gods arrives

Athena's own daughter, wisdom and passion
Her breastplate made of 3000 heated tears
Molded into metal, the sound of sadness encased

Her hazel eyes glow with the determination of victory
For none who opposed her survived, her swiftness
The roar of flaming pipes resound into the valley

The Elvin princess looks to the north in wonderment
For it is not known to her the roar that is coming
Her heart beats with fear and excitement

As she approaches the land of the Elves
LaanXoan surveys the landscape
Caressing every corner of it with her eyes

She spots the princess in the distance
Their eyes meet with fire for the moment
And the roar of the steel horses vibrate

Swiftly she rides, a trail of fire blaze behind her
Into the valley, descending from the mountains with lightning speeds
Until she reaches the palace gates and walls

"Dismount or face the wrath of Nendhal, mortal"
The guards warnings fall upon deaf ears
As she speeds through the narrow opening in the gate

Arrows piercing nothing but the wind behind her
She rides up to the pantheon, the last place she saw the Princess
The guards struggling to catch up to her, fearing her to be an assassin

She enters the pantheon, where a silent princess gasps at her arrival
"My lady" LaanXoan removes her helmet and falls to one knee
Kissing the soft hand of the princess, with such passion

A gasp escapes Airrionna, as her eyes embrace LaanXoan
Just then the guards rush into the pantheon swords drawn
But LaanXoan doesn't flinch, she holds her princess' hand steady

"Stop!" Airrionna commands, "Leave us."
The guards hesitate as if in disbelief fearful for the princess
"I said leave us!" her tone much more brash than the first

As they depart, LaanXoan still remains stoic and steady
"What is your name?" Airrionna asks after the doors are shut
"LaanXoan" answers the daughter of Athena

"Why are you here?" Airrionna asks studying the fine breastplate
Which appeared to move like water in the moonlight
"For you, my lady" LaanXoan answers, still on one knee

"Look up at me." Airrionna commands as her hand starts to feel like it is on fire
The compassionate eyes look up and penetrate her soul with such intensity
She steps back as if to save her from the fire building within her

LaanXoan gently rises and releases the princess's hand
Never once releasing her soul from her eyes
They stand for what seemed like hours, starring at each other

Eye to eye, soul to soul, heart to heart
For the instantaneous combustion of love
Engulfs all that is in its path

"My lady, with the grace of Athena and the blood of Mercuria
I implore you to join forces with us against the imposing Lathodes
For they are barbarians and will destroy our civilizations leaving us barren"

"Why do you ask me, my father is the ruler of all, I have no jurisdiction in this matter"
LaanXoan steps forward into her energy, light radiating from her like gold in the water
"I do not ask to join in a military fashion, I am here to ask you to be my queen"

The princess laughs nervously, "Mercurian, you think you can just waltz in here
Without invitation, without offers for my kingdom, without so much as a hellish
Mechanical horse and expect me to just fall before you and surrender my hand in marriage?"

LaanXoan feeling the heat of rejection mounting under her skin, for no one had ever spoke to her
So defiantly, so boldly, so disrespectfully, she quickly stepped forward close enough for noses to press
Against one another, and eyelashes to flirtatiously brush and dance with each other

The princess' heart beat with such passionate excitement, she could barely contain the gasps
Their lips barely touching, their breath caressing each other's skin, she stood frozen
And unable to think what she should say or do in that precise moment

Her legs quivered as she struggled to maintain her position against LaanXoan
"My Lady" LaanXoan whispers, "You're even more beautiful than the legends told
I stand before you a mere mortal in your splendor, and cannot expect

A goddess of love to empathize for the upcoming tragedies of war for my people.
I bare only the purity of my soul and the warmth of my heart for you and this..."
LaanXoan reaches underneath her breastplate and pulls out the medallion of Mercuria

Forged by Hephaestus in Olympus and given to LaanXoan's father by Athena
As a token of their forbidden love. LaanXoan was born near the river styx
Where Athena bathed her daughter in it before handing her to her father, Mercurio.

The medallion is said to have the power to heal and also serves as a shield of invincibility
For the wearer. Men have died countless time again and again trying to overthrow
Mercurio so that they may possess the medallion. The princess knew what LaanXoan was

Offering her, in exchange for her hand in marriage...but power and invincibility were not
Impressive to her. She again spoke to LaanXoan, "If I were a man interested in such things
That may have proven quite useful but as it stands now, my answer will still be no."

Asians FTW!!

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Writer's Corner
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2009, 12:33:42 AM »
The Rose of Olympus

LaanXoan felt her heart drop with sorrow to the depths of the underworld
With Airrionna's response like daggers into her heart and soul
Her glow suddenly dimmed and her stature lessened

Airrionna fought to hold back the tears in her eyes, to resist the urge
To throw her arms around LaanXoan, as she felt her heart descending
She looked away quickly as if to brush off LaanXoan and sadly gazed up at the gods

What LaanXoan did not know was that Airrionna a few months before her 21st birthday
Had been visited by her mother while she was bathing in the palace courtyard
She spoke to her of an upcoming war and betrayel to her family

If she were to marry before her 23rd birthday, there would be blood shed across the lands
And so Airrionna has been turning away all their suitors...for fear of the outcome of the prophecy
LaanXoan had been one of the few that touched her soul with such intensity and passion

LaanXoan did not want to leave, for her heart and soul screamed for her to do something
To win the princess, for it was not just her kingdom in danger that prompted her to weather
The journey to Arborlon, to not eat or sleep for the last 3 days and nights

She had known she was meant for Airrionna since she was 17, and heard of the birth
Of a beautiful princess, whose eyes shimmered in the darkness like the moon
Whose lips were like rose petals, delicate full and crimson

She waited 22 years, to approach her 10 days before her 22nd birthday
To ask her hand in marriage...to win her heart, mind, body, and soul
She approached her putting her arm around the princess's waist

Pulling her close to her, the princess fell willingly back, her cheek touching LaanXoan's
She could feel the softness and heat burning under the skin
LaanXoan rests her lips against her ears and whispers

"I have waited all my life for this day my love, I will not give up for you are worth
More than anything any mortal can give you, I know that and will not bore you with treasures
But I will return in 10 days, on your 22nd birthday, with a gift to prove my devotion to you"

The princess turned to look at LaanXoan and their lips met with the fire of the gods
Softly and gently they kissed at first, then passion set in,
Slowly and deeply they kissed, until the candles in the pantheon expired

And Apollo had drawn his chariot across the sky, LaanXoan's eyes moist from tears
For Airrionna was beyond her expectation, her beauty from the inside out radiated within her
She did not want to leave, but woo the princess she must, for no was not an option

The princess stood motionless as she watched LaanXoan mount her steel horse
Revving them up and putting on her helmet, Airrionna's heart beating so fast
It would burst from her chest to chase after LaanXoan if it could

LaanXoan looked at her princess one more time, captivated by her presence
She then turned and headed towards Olympus, a forbidden act of any mortal
But she was determined to bring her love the only thing more breathtaking than her princess

The Rose of Olympus

Asians FTW!!

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Writer's Corner
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2009, 12:40:12 AM »
Mount Olympus

On top of the highest mountain of Greece, lied Olympus
It took LaanXoan 3 days to travel up the mountain
Beating the Banshedians, outsmarting the Larsentios

Until she arrived at the gates of Olympus
Guarded by Xernius, a troll like creature
Whose head was twice the size of his body

His eyes of molten lava, his teeth like broken rocks
His speech, slow and deep, like the lion's roar
He would not let any mortal pass

Unless they answered his question
If anyone ever got the answer right is not known
For no one has ever come back to tell

LaanXoan and her steel horse approached the gates
She cut off the engine but did not dismount
Her eyes starburst hazel, with the glow of love

And determination behind them, she gazed
Into the molten pools of Xernius as he
Bellowed to her with his snake tongue

"Mortal, dare you defy the Gods and Goddesses
Trespassing on Olympian soil!" His voice stern
The ground tremored lightly as he spoke

"Xernius, I have a quest burning from my chest
Spawned by the great Eros and Aphrodite
For true love has brought me before you

To gain access so that I may prove myself worthy
Of a Princess' love, of her hand in marriage
For I am daughter of Athena, and a descendant of Hephaestus

My breastplate and medallion welded by his very hands
I demand the question so that I may enter the gates
To fulfill my destiny and prove my devotion."

Xernius looked at LaanXoan with fiery eyes that judged
Her dark hair reflected the sunset like a brilliant diamond
She was like the amazons, stoic, yet exotic

He had no choice but to ask the question, for she was only half mortal
He had to give her the opportunity, he had to ask the question
He bellowed again, this time much slower than the first

"What is greater than Zeus, but held in plethora by the poor
Needed by the rich, and if you were to eat it, you would die."
Xernius swiftly stared back and LaanXoan awaiting the answer

LaanXoan repeated the question in her head several times,
Analyzing the question, pondering its solution but she was clueless
It was almost dawn when it finally came to her and she did not hesitate

"Xernius! I have your answer, come show yourself so that I may
Enter the gates of Olympus, so that I may continue onward
To my next destination." LaanXoan stood and waited for the troll

When he appeared, he looked smug, ready to cast her from the mountain
"Your answer, sire, is nothing, for nothing is greater than Zeus, the poor
Own nothing, the rich need nothing and I, if I eat nothing, will most surely die."

Xernius' smirk turned into a snarl as he gazed at LaanXoan with distaste
"You...are correct. I will grant you access to Olympus, but I warn you
The Gods do not take kindly to trespassers." And he waved his hand,

And the gate opened. LaanXoan revved up her bike and drove through
The mystics say the Rose is near Apollo's home
As to not draw attention to herself

She left Xenna in a safe spot close to the gate and traveled on foot
Toward the sun god's house, following the sound of the lyre
Since Apollo loved to play, she was able to find his home in no time

The garden was behind his house, full of every plant imaginable
But the rose stood alone in the center, glowing red
With sparkling dew and thorns so thick, she dared not touch them

She easily plucked up the rose when she noticed the silence
Fear raced in her heart and soon she found Apollo's stern face
Eyes red like mars, with yellowish glow underneath

"How dare you trespass in my garden! Tell me how does a mortal
Enter the gates of Olympus? I should smite down Xernius with my own hands!"
Apollo's anger was mounting the longer he looked at LaanXoan.

"Forgive me great Apollo, I am humbled by your presence and wish no harm
I am here by will of Eros and Aphrodite to prove myself to the princess
And win her heart, mind and soul in marriage." LaanXoan said looking away

From Apollo's threatening stare. "And what would a suitor want with my garden
For pleasures of the flesh require no organic matter, love is not grown here,
There is no potion to be made, nothing to be desired from the thorn,
How is it that you derive my garden to be the place of your worthiness?"

"Great Apollo, I understand you to be a lover of music are you not?"
Apollo looked perplexed by the question, for it had nothing to do with his
"Yes, I am a lover of music but I fail to see your point or relevance mortal."

"When you hear music so beautiful, so pure, so perfect that it moves your soul
Do you not wish you could pluck out the notes and keep them perfect through out all time?"
"If it were possible, I would yes." Apollo said, still unsure what trickery was

Flowing through LaanXoan for this had nothing to do with love
"My Princess' beauty is surpassed only by this single rose
which represents her beauty both inside and out

The perils I have endured to retrieve this rose
Clearly portray my devotion and willingness to sacrifice for her
My one true love, the one I adore, the one I will marry"

Apollo looked heartily at LaanXoan, he had no respect for love
But the fact that this mortal had made it into Olympus through
Sheer bravery and sacrifice, such fashion of great warriors

Earned his respect. "You may have that rose mortal but I will
Ask a favor of you later, one you shall not refuse for if you do
I will smite you down myself with the fury of the Fates."

"Yes great Apollo, I will honor your request when that time comes
And thank you for your graciousness." LaanXoan said and quickly
Made haste toward Xenna. The rose she put carefully put in her

Saddlebag and rode with flames down the mountain, toward Arborlon
And would arrive just two days before the princess' birthday
Just in time to wed her before the spring celebration

Of the return of Persephone. There would be a full moon
And LaanXoan's content made her careless for she did not
Realize she was being dangerously followed by something...

Even the Gods fear...for it is evil to the nth power
So vile and corrupt, that death and destruction are left
In its company...if she knew of this evil, she would not have left so hastily...

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Writer's Corner
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2009, 12:48:42 AM »
The Dark Rider, Queen LaanXoan

The night fell upon LaanXoan as she neared the bottom of the mountain
Her body could not endure another sleepless night, she had to rest
She found a cave a little way down from Mount Olympus

She pulled into the cave, the roar of steel shaking it like a great quake
Cutting the engine off, she rested her trusty steel horse and dismounted
Her eyes burned, singed from exhaustion, her mind weak and tired

She started a fire and sat against the wall, soon sleep overcame her
Athena visited her that night, while comatose, to warn her of the danger
To warn her of the presence catching up to LaanXoan, her favored daughter

"Laan, you must hear me, for you are in danger and I cannot intervene
There is a darkness unsurpassed that narrows its grip upon you as I speak
From Olympus, an ancient evil even we Gods and Goddesses dare not invoke

But your horses have awakened it and it is coming for you and all those you love
You cannot return to your sweet princess now, you must ride to Athens and speak
To my oracle, for I will have something waiting you there my dark rider

Only with this, will you be able to defeat the Dacktordath, the spirit of darkness,
Of evil, of death, this is your destiny, this is your hour of honor and greatness
You must awaken and ride, ride to Athens, as fast as you can, now."

With that she kissed her daughter on the cheek and disappeared
LaanXoan awakened, started, the smoldered fire in front of her
As dawn approached quickly, she gathered some breakfast to strengthen her

She mounted Xenna, revved, and started towards Athens, for she did not dare
Go against her mother's wishes, it would take her 2 days and nights
Until she reached the gates of Athens, to speak with the oracle

Dacktordath is a great plague, no one speaks of it out of fear
And LaanXoan is not sure why or how she has awakened this horror
But she must prevent it from taking over Greece, even at the cost of her life

Once she got to Athens, she would send a message to Airrionna
Her vision was what kept LaanXoan strong, kept her vigilant
For the love and passion burning within her would be her strength

Athens great gates came before her, her body shaking from exhaustion
She gained access to the city and rode toward the shrine of Athena
Her Mother's statue towered above the city and she marveled its greatness

The oracle was waiting for her, she dismounted and walked into the shrine
"I have been waiting for you Queen LaanXoan," the oracle spoke softly
Her eyes like water, her body boney thin, as if the wind would carry her away

Even with a cloak, LaanXoan could tell the oracle was frail. Her voice soft
Like the spring winds gently passing through the forest and valleys
She was hunched over, and her blonde hair pulled back to reveal her

Smooth forehead that shone even in the darkness, LaanXoan had never
Met such a frail being as the oracle, and she studied her intently
The oracle feeling the stares of LaanXoan blushed and quickly spoke

"Wait here, while I return with Athena's gift for you." She disappeared
Into the shrine and LaanXoan watched the sunrise. It was two days before
The Princess' birthday, she had not expected to be delayed and her heart

Was saddened by the thought she would not be there in time
The oracle returned with armor so brilliant, it sparked and reflected
Every small trace of light, like sparkles of dew on the grass in the morning light

She also gave her a feather, a golden feather
"The great goddess did not give any instruction other than to give these to you."
The oracle said almost apologetically, and she dared not look up at LaanXoan

Still blushing and nervous in her presence, the oracle stood staring at the stoned floor.
LaanXoan put the armor on and it fit perfectly as she knew it would
She put the feather against her heart under the breastplate and looked at the oracle

"I need to send a message, where can I find the messengers of the city?"
The oracle pointed down to the town square and LaanXoan kissed her hand
And thanked her. She asked to be alone in the shrine to speak with her mother

The oracle nodded and disappeared behind the walls. There was a sacrificial area
And her mother's statue stood beautifully behind it. LaanXoan kneeled and spoke
"Mother, I thank you for the gifts and your kindness, you are gracious as you are

Beautiful and wise. The feather I am not sure its purpose, but I will keep it with me
At all times. Can you tell me how I am to defeat this dark spirit unless I am to fight
It with sword and shield. My mind and heart tell me that is not the way of battle

For this beast, this darkness, and I am not sure how I am to go about it."
The statue came to life and Athena looked down upon her daughter with kind
Eyes and her voice echoed softly in the shrine as she spoke to her

"You are correct my child, you will not be able to use force in this battle to overcome
The dark spirit, you must be cunning, swift, and recognize what the armor really is for
But I cannot tell you how to defeat it for you must figure that out in order to prove

Yourself for this is your destiny." She disappeared and the statue returned to its
Normal form before LaanXoan could speak again, disheartened, she arose and
Headed for the town square, but first she reached into her saddlebag and pulled

Out the rose of Olympus. The oracle returned and LaanXoan asked for a box
And parchment and ink, so she may write out what may very will be her last words
Of devotion and love for her Princess. The oracle returned with all that LaanXoan

Had asked for. LaanXoan sat against Xenna and wrote the words flowing from her heart

Dearest Love, Sweetest Flower, My precious Princess Airrionna,
I am delayed in returning to your glorious presence,
your beauty reflecting in my mind like

the sun against the water, timeless and breathtaking.
I may not return to you my Princess for Dacktordath
has begun his descent into Greece and I must stop it.

But my love for you fills my chest so there is no room for fear.
Only love, love for you my precious. I send to you the Rose of Olympus,
a token of my devotion, a mirror of your beauty, for none is more fairer than you.

You have my heart, mind and soul captivated...completely. There is nothing
I would not undertake in your name. I would travel to the underworld to save you
if pressed. I would take on a thousand Dacktordaths to prove my love to you.

Your beauty like the rose, your sweetness like ambrosia of the Gods,
your soul as pure as light, I bathe in all your splendor every second
I am away from you. You are my life, my soul thought, and my purpose.

If I do not return, know that I love you, and will always love you for time,
death, and darkness cannot keep me from you, my dearest Airrionna.
Love eternally, LaanXoan your dark rider and devoted love

She kissed the parchment and put it in the box with the rose and headed
To the Town Square where she found a messenger who promised to have the box
Delivered in a day. This calmed LaanXoan as she walked back to the shrine

And mounted Xenna. She would now have to find Dacktordath, even though she
Was not prepared for the battle. She needed sleep. She needed her love.
But she rode despite it all, for she knew she had her destiny to fulfill...

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Writer's Corner
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The Black Prince of Lathodarse

With evil grin and fowl mouth
The Black Prince looks towards Greece
His plot for blood and vengeance thickening

"Sire, scouts report the Queen leaving from Athens
After speaking to the oracle, with new amour
Riding into the mountains" the messenger boy blurts out

With the meek voice of puberty
The Black Prince's smile broadened
"So, the Queen will battle our summoned fiend,"

He let out an evil deep laugh, like the sound of
The hyena, irritant and air cutting
His dark eyes matched by his dark hair

Wavy curls, he had yet to find a woman who could resist
His dark charm, except one who refused and disgraced him
And she was on her way to a swift death he prayed

Prince Zornath, heir to the throne of Lathodarse
He had a reputation for taking on land via marriage
And his wives would mysteriously die soon after

Although they seemed natural, Zornath's black aura infused
With greed and thirsty for power would show otherwise
For he was a dark magician, one that LaanXoan should not have crossed

Despite his darkness, he truly did love her as much as he was capable of love
He wanted her to bare his children, to take over Greece
To rule the new world at his side, as one invincible force

But she would not have it, she turned him down
Bitterly so, he wooed her with gifts, with poetry
With such unspeakable treasures paid for with the blood

Of his own warriors, but she was not interested
His desire increasing with each rejection, he finally visited her kingdom
To ask her hand in marriage and offer her the golden mark of Poseidon

She shunned him away, telling him she would find more inspiration amongst
A pool of tad poles, that the mere sight of him made her sick and she wanted
Nothing more from him. He was to leave her kingdom and never to return

Infuriated by her insults and angered by her rejection
He entered her chambers that night, planning to force her into submission
He had not counted on the Queen having weapons at her bedside

For she slept with one eye open and saw him coming before he realized it
She slashed his face, barely missing his eye
When he tried to conjour the dark magic against her

Her lightning speed caught him off guard
And she had him pinned against the palace walls
With eyes fire green from anger and adrenaline

He thought she was going to kill him right then and there
But something caught her from within, and the green subsided
To a starburst Hazel and she spoke to him through her teeth

"Zornath, you have threatened me the last time
I banish you from my kingdom, with the curse of Fates' sirens
If you ever step foot on Mercurian soil again, it will be your last"

With that she picked him up by the throat and threw him off the balcony
Where he was greeted by the stone ground, and blacked out
His henchmen soon found him and they were escorted from Mercuria

Since that day, he swore vengeance against the Queen
He prepared his horses to ride to Arborlon
To take the hand of the fair Princess Airrionna

Smiling from the cold darkness that froze in his heart
He would marry the fair princess and take her kingdom
Then, he would kill her in front of the Queen

For he knew the Queen's weakness was her love
And heroic nature. To watch a loved one die
Unable to stop it, would haunt her for an eternity

That is if she was able to defeat the Dacktordath
An ancient evil he conjoured from the Cerdiasne
The dark book of tongues he found on his

Last visit to Egypt, crossing the Nile and into the golden kingdom
The Pharoah's alliance with him would be a short lived one
For once he has Arbolon, he will have all he needs to conquer the world

As he rode off towards Arbolon, he rubbed his scar
As if it soothed him, he would wed Princess Airrionna tomorrow night
Shortly after her birthday celebration with or without her consent

For he was bringing his own priest and a small army to ensure his victory
He would, He must succeed, and soon the world will feel the wrath
Of the dark prince and his vile magic...no one could stop him, or so he thought...

Meanwhile, LaanXoan was just outside of Athens, searching for the ancient Dacktordath
When she was knocked off Xenna by an invisible force
As she got back up, she was surrounded by darkness

She couldn't breath, it was Dacktordath, it had found her
And was suffocating her, she cleared her mind and focused
"recognize what the armor is really for", she heard her mother's voice

Darkness, her lungs were tightening, struggling, she lifted her shield and started to spin
Spinning to catch any and all light that was seeping in, to reflect
For the only way to defeat the darkness is with light

She remembered how the armor reflected any light it received
Even in the darkness, there was light seeping in and she spun
The Dacktordath started to bellow for the light was starting to take over

Soon the rays were cutting through it and LaanXoan spun faster
She lowered herself to create more reflective surface until an explosion
Of light erupted from within Dacktordath and there was a shrieking howl

Echoing through the mountains, and like a cloud, the remaining darkness floated away
All that was left was the body of one dark rider, motionless, and near death
For she had spun even when she had no breath and she had collapsed just as

Dacktordath was defeated...she was not breathing...and she was not really alive
The golden feather under her breastplate glowed and her soul started to rise
Then like the lightning from the sky, a great phoenix descended from Olympus

The phoenix went to LaanXoan's corpse, putting its beak on the Queens face and a single tear
Rolled from the phoenix onto LaanXoan's lips, and then into her mouth
The rising soul shot back into her body and she violently shook

Coughing and startled by the phoenix, she rolled quickly away and got up prepared to battle
The phoenix stood there looking at LaanXoan as if awaiting orders
LaanXoan studied the phoenix, feathers like gold and fire, glowing like lava

The feather under her breastplate was still glowing and started to react with the metal
Soon the water turned to fire and her armor that was once like 3000 tears
Turned into a blaze like the phoenix, the heat searing against her body

Then LaanXoan remembered the ancient stories of the phoenix...and she relaxed her stance
"Thank you my friend, is this your feather I wear under my armor?"
The phoenix nodded and looked at LaanXoan with great admiration

They stared at each other for quite sometime, until LaanXoan broke the silence
"I will call you Xionne, my fiery companion. For now fly and be free my pet,
I will call upon you when you are needed again. But first, visit my mother Athena

And give her this," Laanxoan took out a bottle she had under the shield.
"It is what remains of the Dacktordath, in case he is not truly defeated.
Ask her if there is a way to prevent the spirit from rising again."

Xionne took the bottle and nodded. The great phoenix shot back towards Olympus.
LaanXoan picked up Xenna, whose impenetrable steel was intact even after crashing
Against the tree. She revved her up, and sped full throttle to Arborlon...

Something told her to hurry, that her love was in danger,
That this was no accident and a greater evil was at work,
Mercury whispered Aphrodite's message to LaanXoan, and headed back to Olympus...

Asians FTW!!

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Apollo's Favor

LaanXoan rode through the night
Apollo's Chariot burst through the sky
Her eyes adjusting to the emergence of light

Apollo spotted the Queen's lighting across the terrain
And descended upon her as his horses kept on track as trained
LaanXoan almost ran over the God, screeching and sliding to a stop just

Inches before him, he smiled at her with a cunning grin
"You are quite the skilled rider my Queen, I am impressed."
"You are lucky, I almost hit you sire. I am on an urgent

Mission and must ask you speak in haste God of war, for
Someone very dear to me is in grave danger."
"I know, I come to remind you of the Favor you owe me."

LaanXoan's heart sunk, surely he couldn't have picked a better time
To cash in the favor, she would have to make a choice, love
Or honor, she narrowed her eyes of disappointment on the great God.

"Speak, what is it you wish of me, I will honor it as promised."
He smiled and then handed her a brilliant sword, clear like crystal
Light like a feather, yet sharp like deadly talons, the sword was stunning.

She looked up at him waiting for the favor, knowing she would have to kill
"Right now as we speak, a dark magician rides to threaten Greece.
My prophecy tells me he is going to kill my lover, Prince Theos of Crete,

If he is not stopped. I should warn you that you will not want to face him,
You will not survive unless it under cloak of disguise, you should sneak into
The servants area, and find a suitable servant cloth. After the celebration

Keep close eye on the princess, for she is in great danger as are you
Slay the dark prince, and your debt to me will be repaid
Fail, and I shall seek vengeance upon your family dark rider."

With that he leaped back into the sky and LaanXoan made some
Modifications to Xenna's pipes...silencing them a bit...
She quietly revved up and proceeded to Arbolon

When she got there, it was 3 hours before the celebration was to begin.
She found an entrance to the servant area, and grabbed a cloak to shield her and
Her weapons, she rested in the shadows of the great hall waiting for the dark prince

Apollo spoke of, she prayed she would recognize him when he came in.
She caught a vision of the princess happily scurrying around, delegating duties
For her celebration, a messager came to her with a box and LaanXoan watched intently

As the princess thanked the messenger and she opened the box.
LaanXoan could see her lips open as she gasped and pulled out the rose.
She looked around and went to the corner of the hall, taking a seat and

Opening up the letter. LaanXoan could see the princess' expression as she read
Covering her mouth and then watching her fight back the tears
The princess folded up the note and gently put the rose and note back into the box

She disappeared into the hallway leading to the back of the palace
Her walk increasing as she tried to make it to her room to cry
LaanXoan was saddened by the Princess' sadness...she wanted run after the her

Hold her and tell her that she was alive but she would be putting them both in danger
She lurked in the shadows until more guests entered the hall and the music started
Her anger mounted when she saw Prince Zarnoth, it took all her wits to withhold

Her from attacking him. She stopped for her love for the Princess was much more
Than her hate for the Black Prince. He seemed more arrogant than normal
Then it struck her, he was the Black Prince Apollo spoke of, he was the one

She would have to kill, for Apollo, for Greece, only then would
The darkness subside, she almost felt remorse for it was not her nature
To be so hateful, but for him, she held the most contempt

Shortly after his arrival, the Black Prince's messenger delivered some good news
"The Queen had fallen after her battle with the Dacktordath"
The messenger boy said, and left the great hall with haste

The Black Prince had someone following LaanXoan
But the scouts had only watched the battle up to the point
The Dacktordath swallowed LaanXoan

So as far as the Prince knew, LaanXoan was dead
And his heart filled with joy, he relaxed and became more
Confident that there would be nothing to stop him

LaanXoan did not emerge from the shadows as the great Hall filled up
The princess returned, her eyes red from crying, but she smiled
Smiled and socialized even though she had resolved that LaanXoan had died

But LaanXoan noticed she would look around the room anxiously from time to time
Perhaps looking for her, she could not tell, but she kept a watchful eye on her beloved
As well as the Black Prince, her anger mounting against him
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The collision of darkness: Magician vs. Rider

The evening was coming to an end
People had filled their stomachs with splendor
Their minds with music

And their soul with dance
There was a calm lull that echoed in the hall
The Princess needing to break from it all

Headed down the royal hall to her bedroom.
The Dark Prince motioned to his men to rise and follow
They followed the Princess noticed only by LaanXoan

The Prince left two men guarding the hallway
Whilst he, the priest and four others headed down the hall
LaanXoan knew she didn't have time to waste

She ran around the back towards the side
And climbed up the vines to the Princess' room
She heard screaming and yelling and her heart filled with darkness

"Leave this room at once, I command that you leave."
"Ah my fair Princess, I don't think you are in the position to command
Anything. For you see, you are at my command now."

His men laughed cockily so and the Prince's smile maliciously glowed
"You see, I will be king of Arbolon and you my little trophy," He undressed her
With his eyes, and touched her as she grabbed his hand and pushed it away

He laughed, "You will be mine soon enough, willingly, or not."
He motioned for the priest, "See my dear right now there are four of my soldiers
Ready to slay your father after I give them the signal

And when I become king and tire of your," he licked his lips and looked at her
like the wolf does when half starved from the winter, "softness, you will become
a forgotten wench, locked up in the tower forever my private prisoner."

The men laughed at that and poked each other. The priest awaited orders
While LaanXoan eyed the situation, she analyzed the best angle of attack
To get to the Prince first, and then take out his henchmen

The priest raised the book and the Princess spit on the dark Prince
"I will not marry you, I would rather die than to marry the likes of you.
My heart, my mind, my soul you shall never have." She said and he

Slapped her swiftly as she whimpered. That was it, LaanXoan could not
Hold her anger any longer. With the speed of the cheetah, she entered the room
The men too engrossed in the Prince's manhandling of the Princess to notice her

And she jumped into the air, across the room, Apollo's sword entering the dark
Prince's chest, piercing into him so easily, he stood motionless. She then pulled it out of him
And he fell to the floor, blood gushing from him, he grabbed his heart and started chanting

Twirling around she then took out two guards with one swish of the sword
The other two came at her and she ducked and killed one of them as if a ballerina
Graceful even in battle, the last guard tried to run out the door for reinforcement and

She threw the sword spot on, through his skull, a crackling sound echoed in the room
Blood drenched, the Queen turned to the princess, "You must go find the generals and warn them
I have to save your father." She looked at the Priest who fell to his knees and begged for

His life. She picked him up by the throat, looking into his soul, as he shivered cowardly
And he had a heart attack right in her hand, and died instantaneously. She dropped him
To the ground and felt sorry for him. She felt the soft touch of the Princess who turned her

Around and kissed her so passionately, LaanXoan felt the world move underneath her,
The stars shining above her, and the air curling around her. "Thank you for saving me."
"You are not saved yet, my Princess, there is an army to deal with. Please, find the generals

gather the army quickly up front. I will close the palace doors so your guests will not be
in danger. But you must go now." The Princess nodded as LaanXoan grabbed the sword
from the skull, pulling it out quickly. "You must not go out the front, here

we will climb down the vines." They quickly climbed down and the Princess ran to the generals'
quarters. LaanXoan threw off the bloody servants cloak, wiping the blood from sword
Vengence in her heart, she swifly entered the hall and headed for the King.

She spotted the four men around the king. Two other men still guarding the hall
With sword tucked behind her arm, she came up behind two of the men next to
The king, slashing them both in the throat and they fell instantly

Silently like the fog creeping into the valley, she approached the other two men
Stabbing one through the heart and the other through the stomach
Neither of them saw or heard her coming and no one around them

Saw either, except one of the two men on the other side caught a glimpse of their
Falling peer and quickly motioned to the other and they ran towards the Queen
With weapons drawn. The Queen quickly ran to the doors of the hall and locked them

As the men came at her, a sword fight ensued and soon she had slain one of the men
The other was a master swords man and fought her vigilantly, but ultimately
Over swung his sword once which gave the Queen the opportunity to thrust her sword

Into the pit of his stomach, blood dripping from his mouth as he fell
By this time there was panic in the hall and the kings guards started to come at the
Queen, when she yelled "Nendhal! Call off your men for your daughter and kingdom

Are in grave danger. You must trust me for we have no time. I do not wish to kill
Anymore than I have to, I am merely protecting you from the Dark Prince's men
Who were ordered to stay near your side and kill you once the Prince had commanded."

The men still came at the Queen and she dodged them running towards the king
As people screamed and jumped out of her way, fearful of their own lives
The King realizing his daughter was no where in sight called off his men and

Motioned for LaanXoan to come closer to him. She walked before him and kneeled
"Your majesty, your daughter has run to get your generals for right now there are
150 men outside this palace wall, awaiting the Dark Prince's orders to strike you

Down. These are no ordinary men, these are men trained in the way of Sparta
Which will prove a worthy adversary for your troops. Please take heed this warning
You do not have time to doubt me but must trust that I am telling you the truth."

The King gazed at the dark rider, her armour of flames shining brightly,
His face aged and kind, but stern and belevolent, he studied the rider
With his ice blue eyes, she was covered in blood and must have slain

A dozen men. If she were out to kill him, she no doubt would have
Succeeded by now. He resolved to trust her and spoke gently "Rider,
If what you say is true then my guests and myself are in grave danger.

How is it you suppose we are to defeat this army? Do you know or have
A plan?" He motioned to his men and to the guests so that they would
Calm themselves so he could think and listen, the Dark Rider rose

And looked at the king with her brilliant fire green eyes burning with
Vengeance, she spoke firmly to him without hesitation, "My lord, for you
To take the men the only advantage you have is that of surprise

But nay, you will lose many men before victory, for these men
Are not your ordinary ones, these are men who have been bred
by blood and sword, who dream of nothing but a worthy opponent

And death, these are unlike any foe you will ever encounter for they fight
Not as individuals but as one. I have asked your daughter to bring your men
To the front but as for a plan, I am afraid I do not have one now."

The King's eyes shallowed and he motioned to one of his men to come close
He whispered in his ear and soon the warrior was runing out the back
Towards Crete, to per the King's order, ask for the alliance of the wizards'

Hand in battle. He then turned to the dark rider and spoke firmly, "Rider
I name you general and ask that you lead my men against this foe.
I trust you will command my men with the heart of a lion and the brilliance

Of Apollo. Guests, please remain in the hall until we have weathered this
Evil. Rider, you must go now." And with that she shot out the back, mounting
Xenna and headed to the front of the kingdom. Upstairs in the Princess's chambers

Was a murmur, as the chanting still was going on for you see, the Prince was not dead
Had LaanXoan been more aware of her opponent, she would have slit his throat
For he was using the dark magic to heal himself, and he was almost done with the spell...

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I will continue the story sometime next week...probably just a post a week  :tongue:  These things take time to craft...But feel free to post your stories as well  :wink:

Asians FTW!!

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The Retreat

Drenched in blood, the Prince finished his last verse
And although the wound was healed
He was left weak from the loss of blood.

Climbing slowly down the vines
He slithered in the darkness
To meet his waiting men

He would not fight today
He was too proud of a man
To not be part of the battle

As the hate raged inside him for the Queen
He would not let her live even at the cost
Of his own miserable life.

There was an awkward silence
Broken up by the nervous breath of men
Awaiting to embrace their death

LaanXoan stood at the head of the army
And she sensed something was not quite right.
She got on all fours and howled like the great white wolf

In the distance there were howls returned
For it is a little known secret that the Queen
Had an elite army of misfits whom

She trusted with the most secretive of assignments
Oounakii, pronounced (oo - na - key) in Mercurian,
Meant unique, distinct, irreplicable.  This was her personal army.

And it was their howls, returned for the Queen
Annoouncing a retreat of the Prince
And that he was weak but still alive.

Disheartened and enraged, the Queen turned
Swiftly heading for her cycle
When she felt a soft shaking hand

Grab her arm and turn her around.
"You cannot leave us now." Airrionna said
There was a shaking in her voice

One that the Queen could not help but stop
And console her.  "My love, you are safe for now.
The Prince as we speak rides back to his homeland.

He will be back, but I fear, it is my people he will come
For first, and so, I must return to my home and
Prepare them for battle."  The Queen said,

Softly holding her princess' trembling hand.
"No I cannot let you face that vile man alone.
We must join forces, we must come up with a strategy."

The Queen softly smiled at her, and took both hands into hers.
"My princess, now is not the time for us to join armies.  Your
Army is more useful here, in case he comes for your kingdom again.

Do not worry, I will come up with one soon enough or die trying.
If we lose, I will be sure messengers are sent your way."  With that
She softly kissed both hands and proceeded to ride to Olympus.

She knew she didn't have time, but she had to make it
She had to find Xionne, for the feather of the great phoenix
Would save her people now.  It was the only defense against

The dark magic of the Prince.  As she rode off the
Princess watched with teary eyes, because she felt
That this was the last time she would see her dark rider alive.
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Wow baby,

See thats what i mean, i'm just falling more and more in love with you everytime i read something from you.
You write so beautiful. You need to do something with it baby.


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Stickied!!!   More please, this is simply amazing!!!!

Kyle Was Hurr <3

Always a Dragon at Heart....Keep the flame alive guys!

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The Cursed Sword

She had rode all along the mountain, in search of the great phoenix.
Her body shaking from fatigue, her stomach wincing from hunger
She could not remember the last time she ate nor slept...

Both of which were welcomed luxuries to her at this stage of her journey.
It was growing dark and she had to find shelter, fortunately at the same cave
She found last time.  The hard ground welcomed her as she dozed off instantaneously.

Athena appeared to her, her tunic flowing with the mist she traveled upon.
"My daughter, you cannot sleep long, you must keep moving.  Apollo's blood runs
Thick with anger at your failure, luckily I reminded him that he was just as much

At fault as you, for not providing you with a more apt weapon.  You know Gods are not
Quick to admit fault.  He is willing to overlook this one because you still have a chance
To save his lover.  But if you are to succeed you must be more aware of your opponent Laan.

Every being, every force, every entity has an exception, it is this fault you must
Open all your senses to...awaken them and let them guide you to it.
But be warned, the Dark Prince is also a descendant of Hades.  His unpredictable

Uncle Poseidon is in his dark corner as well.  We will do our best to level the battle field
If either intervene but recognize that as Apollo and I are here with you, Poseidon and Hades are
There with him.  Which is why I have sent you this, the cursed sword."

LaanXoan whispered in her sleep, "Why do I need that, my sword is good."
Her mother motioned for her to be silent.  "This is not an ordinary sword Laan.
This sword is made from the cold, metal dead trees of the underworld.  It cannot be broken.

It feeds on life force and blood.  Death is unavoidable for any whose flesh is severed
by the blade.  It must not fall into the hands of the Dark Prince.
For even your enchantment of the river Styx is no match."

Laan held the sword but then it appeared to fight her
Whisking left and right, she awoke to not only the sword in her hand
But a fiery Xionne watching her every move.

"Ah, I have been looking for you my friend.  Was it you that
Delivered this sword from my mother?"  The bird nodded.
"Thank you.  I need a favor from you, a feather if you would"

The majestic bird extended both wings, reaching nearly 12 feet apart.
LaanXoan took a feather as the bird cried out from the small pain.
"Thank you my pet, thank you."  She petted Xionne on the beak

And the bird rubbed against her hand like a cat, as a melodic hum
Came from within his chest.  Then he nodded and extended his wings
As he flew back towards the top of the mountain.

The sword was fidgeting in LaanXoan's hand.  Her mother had not
Told her the sword would fight her.  She tried holding it with both hands,
Which only made it swing more wildly.  She tried to fight against it

But soon found herself tiring on the wasted energy.  Surely there must
Be a way to get the sword to submit to her.  After a few minutes of idle
Swinging, it came to her.  "A tree." She said out loud.

Then she began to run, into the nearby forest.  She leaped and started to cut branches.
The sword appeared horrified, fighting against her even more, as it took life force from the
Trees in a cannibalistic manner.  "Submit."  The Queen said, but the sword still fought.

Again, she leaped, chopping, cutting, a whirlwind of branches left behind her as the
Sword started to vibrate and glow reddish green.   The Queen started to move even faster
Until the resistance stopped.  And the sword's glow was reduced to a tawny brown ember.

"Have we reached an understanding?" The sword vibrated as if to answer her question.
LaanXoan looked amongst the fallen debris for seeds, which she found a handful.  She used the sword
To break the earth, and planted the young trees as if to make peace with the sword.

The sword understood her gesture, and from that moment on, submitted to the Queen.
She headed back to the cave and gathered her gear, the feather, and rode towards Mercuria
As she did she thought to herself that there were traitors amongst her, she should

Have a word with her generals immediately upon her return, but first, she would have to
Protect herself from the sword turning on her.  She would have to bond a drop of her blood to it
So that it could not hurt her.  As Mercury's whispers stopped and he headed back to Haphaestos.
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Mercuria, The Metallic Kingdom

Nestled in the navel of the Himalayas, lied her cherished home
A kingdom few ever graced eyes upon due to the unkind mountains
A natural moat to guard against unwelcomed travelers.

As she reached the gates, a most welcomed sight of splendor
The shiney sparkling of the kingdom walls, reflective dances of light
And the sweet smell of melting metals, it was good to be home.

Entering the Gates as the guards bowed before her, the citizens of Mercuria
Smiled and bowed welcoming home their fearless Queen
As kids screamed in excitement over Xenna's purring flames.

Her first stop, the smither's corner, she dismounted and headed in
To speak her cherished friend, Pathorg, the most skilled blacksmith in
The world who could possibly rival Haphaestos.

"Pathorg, my friend, a word with you if you would in your private chambers."
The old man looked up at the Queen, his soft gray eyes magnified with spectacles
He escorted the Queen to his office, and closed the door behind them.

"How may I serve you, my Queen."  The humble Pathorg bowed before the Queen.
"Pathorg, how many times do I have to tell you I do not need you to bow before me.
Rise, as I have important matters to discuss and need your skills."

The old man rose and took a seat at his desk as the Queen sat in front of him.
"The Black Prince approaches, I will need you to forge our army new armor
With this submerged in the liquid salt." She showed Pathorg the Phoenix feather.

Pathorg's jaged smile broaden for the word of work excited him.  He took the feather
And studied it. "The feather of a Phoenix, I have only heard of this ancient technique
Bonding the feather with the metal amplifies the life force of the beholder.

Making it appear if you would to have intelligence, reacting to defend, smite, or avoid
Without thought, becoming one with its master.  Oh this is truly a glorious day
For Mercuria.  With this, our army will have an advantage unlike any others."

"Precisely my old friend, precisely.  In addition, I need a favor right now."
She took out her pocket knife and pricked the inside of her cheek in her mouth
Drawing a drop of blood and placing it on the Cursed Sword.

"I need you to bond my blood to this sword."  The Queen handed the sword to Pathorg.
"Oh my."  He gasped as he held it in his hands, careful not to let the blood fall from
The hilt.  "I recognize the work of the great god smith, but this material is not like

Anything I have seen in all my years."  Pathorg marveled at the sword, studying it closely.
"No my friend, it is made from the dead trees of Hades."  She said as she watched Pathorg
Dip the sword with blood into the pool of heated salt, bonding the blood instantaneously

To the sword.  He cooled it and then handed it back to the Queen. "Most curious."
He said, pushing up his glasses and then placing the feather into the vat of liquid salt.
"I shall need a day for my men to forge the armor for our warriors my Queen."

"Understood, if you need anything, speak to Garag, who will make sure your requests
Are acted upon."  She rose, and excused herself but first kissing the old man's cheek
Making him blush slightly.  "You are too kind my Queen, too kind."

She left and headed on foot to her castle.  She sent a messenger to gather her generals
In her study, for an emergency meeting.  They started to file in one by one as Garag,
Her most trusted head General of the calvary, stepped forward whispering to her.

"I have heard you sense a traitor amongst us." He spoke softly as to not draw attention
To them.  The Queen nodded and motioned with her eyes to take a seat.  He acknowledged
And sat down.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have called you together in our gravest time of

Need.  As we speak, the dark prince marches towards our great kingdom, armed with
Weapons of darkness we have not seen since the age of Chaos, and our ancestors first
War with the Blatorgs, the ogre wizards to the north.  Therefore, I need us to strengthen our

Hearts, cleanse our minds, and energize our centers, to prepare for a most epic battle,
One I am sure will go down in history whether we live or die, as the greatest battle
In all the realm."  As she spoke she opened her senses, absorbing the energy of her

Generals, searching for the traitor.  "Sieger, Mythist, Altreon, and Garag, please step forward."
The generals rose and stood in line before her, as she paced back and forth in front of them.
"Seiger, the wizards will need to be brought together, I will need a word with them in private."

As he bowed, her sword met his neck decapitating him, the head rolled to a stop, the body dropped
To its knees and fell forward.  The glow from the sword turned red as a white cloud like essence
Seemed to disappear into it, and the blood evaporated, as if the sword was drinking it whole.

The shock amongst the generals mounted as they stood frozen in fear, eyes fixated on the Queen.
She pulled back the robe off of Seiger's neck, to reveal two glowing yellow eyes, which she blinded
With her sword.  "I believe, the traitor is no more. Altreon, please load him up into my chariot, along

With his head, do it quietly though.  I do not wish to draw attention to this incident.  Also, send for
a dozen live lambs from the nearby farmers.  I want those also on the chariot.  I have to leave shortly."
With that, Altreon bowed, picked up the head and threw the body over his shoulder, heading towards

The stables.  She turned to her generals.  "You are dismissed, prepare for battle.  Mythist and Garag,
I need you to stay."  The rest of the generals exited the room with great haste, not wanting to
Meet the same fate as their brother.  She turned to Mythist and looked her in the eyes.

"I will need you to lead the wizards.  I will also need you to uncover any white magic that we may
Find strength in.  I am sorry to put this on you my friend, but I need someone I trust to lead the
Wizards and make sure we do not fall into the dark magic of the Prince."  Mythist's iceblue eyes

Glowed as she bowed and left the room.  The Queen poured herself and Garag a glass of Mercurian nectar
And  sat next to her most trusted General and confidant.  "Garag, Pathorg may come to you with requests.
I need you to see that he gets everything he needs as he prepares our army's weapons and armor."

Garag nodded as he took the nectar from the Queen.  They both shot it down as the burn trickled down their
Chest.  "My Queen, our people are not warriors but skillers.  I fear that our men do not think they have a chance
Against this army.   There is a rumbling that you have brought this upon us selfishly, that your travels

have made you mad, and you are not acting in the best interest of our kingdom."  Garag said.  No one
Had the courage to speak to the Queen with such tact as Garag, which is why she respected and trusted him above
All others.  "I do not blame them my friend.  Perhaps I should clear the air and address the kingdom.  Make

Preparations for me to speak to them tomorrow just after Apollo's ride across the heavens.  I will try to
Address their concerns and see if we can clear their heads for battle.  Have everyone gather in the great courtyard."
She was not sure what she would say to them at the moment, but she knew Garag was right, her people were craftsmen, not warriors.

The stout Garag bowed before the Queen, his broad shoulders the likeliness of Hercules, his long black hair flowed
Forward over his face, Garag was the most handsome Mercurian in all the land, yet he had never married.
A warrior to the core, his marriage was to the kingdom and his Queen.  His beauty surpassed only by his loyalty and bravery.

He left and the Queen steadied her hand against her sword, praying to her mother silently before heading to the
Stables, her senses awakened, her eyes glowing green, and her heart pure with love and purpose.
She made way to the waiting Altreon, and her Chariot full of tasty morsels.
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This is some great stuff, keep at it.  :veryhappy:
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