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The princess still hot with anger as the chariot rode, somewhat slower than she would like
The forest was quiet...a little too quiet for her.  The guards neither looked at her nor
Spoke to her, she might as well have drove herself back to her kingdom.  As they rounded

The trail, arrows pierced one of the men as the other took the reigns and commanded the
Horses run faster.  But it was too late, one of the horses had been hit in the leg as it fell
With the chariot flying over it and tipping over.  The other horse drug the chariot as its

Passengers fell to the sides of the road.  The Guard held his shield and sword ready for
Battle even though his legs and face were dripping with blood.  The princess to had fallen
On her arm and was in pain, unable to hold anything.  She stood behind the guard but then

Thought her chances were better if she would make a run for it into the brush.  As she bolted
The guard yelled, and the distraction cost him his life as an arrow went through his neck.
He fell to the ground, blood gushing and died nearly seconds later from shock.  She

Could hear them behind her, being an elf made her nibble and she used her Elvin skills
To call for help from the birds to lead her into safety.  The told her there were 10 men
Heavily armed behind her in chariots catching up to her quickly.  A squirrel jumped in front

Of her and led her to a hidden cave.  She just barely made it as she saw the men go past
Her.  It would only be a matter of minutes before they back track to her.  Once she was
Sure they were gone, she thanked the squirrels and birds.  She wasn't sure what to do...

But she had to think fast.  She had to find a tunnel entrance.  She called to the birds again
To help her find the tunnel, describing several of the Oounakii to see if they had seen them.
One of the birds had seen a lion which was not something they were accustomed to here.

She smiled...Dorian...she asked if the birds would lead her and they agreed.  She asked the
Squirrel to cover her tracks.  There was a presence she felt...as if she was being watched.
As she took off...one of the ravens followed her while the other went to find the men...

The Prince stopped the convoy dead in its track.  "Incompetence...worthless incompetent
Fools, how hard is it for ten men to bring back a girl who only had two escorts.  I should find
Better warriors in baboons.  Poseign!"  The Prince yelled.  Poseign emerged trailing the end

Of the troops.  The Prince spat at him as he talked.  "Your pathetic excuses for solders have
Failed me yet again."  Poseign hand gripped his wand tighter, if it were any tighter he would
Have snapped it right in two. "So now I am sending the master to clean up the mess your men

Have made.  I warn you Poseign, if she is not brought to me in one piece, I will kill you.  Is that
Understood?"  Poseign didn't say a word but looked at him with his dark coal eyes, it took all
His inner strength to not smite the Prince right then and there.  But he still needed him to fight

In the war.  At least to take out some of the enemy before Poseign claimed his new kingdom.
He turned around and pushed one of the men off of their horse.  Kicking the horse's sides hard,
He rode to catch up to the men and capture the princess.  The Black Prince was still furious

But he motioned for the convoy to continue.  They were 2 miles from the ambush awaiting them.
Meanwhile, back at the kingdom, everyone was in deep training mode.  Rangers were now practicing
Moving targets, the mages were busy casting curses and counter-curses, and the warriors were

Practicing their fighting styles using blunt weapons against each other.  It was an intense morning
And everyone was completely drenched in sweat in a matter of minutes.  The morning seemed to
Drag as time slowed for them.  In front, men were busy burying the mines as quickly as they could

Of course with a few casualties in their haste.  Several injured but luckily no one had died yet.
Back on the trail the Queen rested against the tree, her eyes struggling to stay awake.  Garag
Took notice, standing close to her.  "My Queen, are you okay?"  He asked concerned.

She yawned, "Yes of course.  Just trying to wake up."  That was a lie and she knew it.  She was
Fighting desperately to stay awake.  But the energetic high of the night had left her strapped
For internal resources...fighting fatigue on her will alone.  She knew this was not going to be good

And would be one of the first to retreat once the attack had started.  In the distance, Poseign
Had caught up with the 10 men sent to find the princess, they were hot on her trail thanks to the
Ravens.  He despised them all, but most importantly, he despised their target.  He rode with the men

And the princess could hear them coming, having the ability to hear sounds 10 times the capability
Of humans.  Her heart was racing as she ran through the brush and forest as fast as the deer.
The birds flew fast but not at a pace she could not keep up with.  But she wasn't the only one

Who could hear the disturbance.  Dorian stood perched on a cliff, listening to all the commotion
Stemming from the dense forest.  He sent warning signals down the bell to Maer who immediately
Alerted Mythist.  In order not to give up the location of the entrance, Dorian had perched himself

A considerable distance away, claws ready, to face whatever was coming out of that forest like
A bat out of hell.  As they approached the clearing, the Princess jumped up onto the base of the cliff
Scaling it with such brevity, she started Dorian with her speed and agility.  Dorian's eyes bulged

"Princess?"  He said.  She looked at him with such intense fear and pain from her injuries that she
Had not noticed due to the panic to survive driving her to get to him.  Out of breath she panted...
"We...have..to go...they are...following."  Dorian could hear them coming but didn't think that they

Would make it to the tunnel entrance without being spotted.  "Hop on my back" he said.  She jumped
On his back and held on to his mane as he took off with speeds that surpassed hers.  He was heading
To the next entry point.  The Princess still felt the presence when she looked up into the sky and

Noticed the raven.  She leaned forward and whispered, "We are being followed."  Dorian understood
And had to think fast.  There was a labyrinth cave they were coming upon, that lead into and out of
One of the Mountains.   It was risky but it was the only way he could think of until he came into

Range of the Talons.  "Hang on" he said as his stride increased and he leaped up into the cave entrance
Running at full speed.  His eyes adjusting to the darkness quickly, he ran then stopped.  "Get off."  He
Told the Princess and she did.  "Wait here, if I am not back shortly, don't wait for me, head down the

Cavern to the left and follow it always left until you reach the exit."  He said.  She started to say
Something but he was already gone.  The raven had followed them into the cave.  Flying at full speed
It couldn't slow its momentum when Dorian hit its head with his claws, sending it smack into the wall.

He then chewed it to pieces, but it was too late.  He could hear the men coming into the cave.  He
Headed back to the Princess.  Poseign used his wand for light as they headed into the cave.  It
Wasn't too long before they found the remains of the bird.  Stepping on them, Poseign moved forward

Telling the men to stay and be still.  He could hear Dorian's paws echoing through the cavern and
Followed the sounds.  Dorian came back to the Princess.  "Hurry, get back on."  She was in so much
Pain she was about to faint but she got on his back just the same.  He took off as fast as he could

With Poseign close behind him.  Poseign used his levitation spell to follow them.   He could see
Their shadows ahead of him and he shot out a curse from his wand.  It just barely missed Dorian
As they were rounding a curve.  Dorian knew that if they went through another straight passageway

It would be over.  They reached a fork and he told the Princess to get off.  She didn't.  He snarled
And kicked her off his back.  She fell startled.  "Go down that passage way as quietly as you can."
He said.  "What about you?"  When he didn't respond and she got up with a sad heart and quietly made her

Way down the passage.  Dorian started to run again taking off into the other side.  Poseign wondered
Why they had stopped.  He got to the fork and instead of following Dorian, he followed the other path.
When Dorian couldn't hear Poseign, he doubled back fearing the worse.  The Princess felt Poseign

Approaching and she started to run like mad.  "Stay left" Dorian's voice repeated in her head. 
She almost reached the exit when she felt her body go numb and she wasn't able to move.  Poseign
Had put a freeze spell on her.  Her heart was about to pop out of her chest with fear.  As the Dark

Wizard approached her, Dorian leaped at him with claws drawn.  Poseign turned around and with
A flick of the wrist, Dorian was nothing but dust blowing away in the wind.  The Princess could feel
Him departing and she started to cry.  "Oh please, spare me your pathetic emotions."  Poseign said as he

Faced her.  He stared her up and down with disgust.  "You women are all alike, weak, feable, worthless...
Except for child baring, I see no purpose for your existence.  Men are fools to devote themselves to
You."  He said to her with soulless black eyes.  She couldn't do anything but cry.  He threw her over

His shoulders and took her back to where the men were waiting.  All she could think about was
The Queen and the loss of Dorian.  The Queen suddenly felt ill.  She fell to the ground on her knees
Overwhelmed with sadness.  A vision of Dorian popped into her head and she new something bad

Had happened.  Garag went to tend to her but just then the Prince's Army was approaching.
They waited until they started to see mages and/or rangers to attack.  The Queen tried to compose
Herself, but the fatigue and the Erie feeling were overwhelming her.  The dark robed mages on

On horseback were in view and Altreon was the first to draw blood, killing two mages with one arrow.
The others were soon to follow and the Prince's army were scattering like bugs trying to take cover
In the forest on  the other side of the path.  The Prince stood on his horse wondering what the

Commotion was about and the Queen started to run towards him, feeling a second wind.  Garag,
Altreon, and Theos were all right behind her.  She leaped into the air and the Prince fell off his horse
Just in time before she struck his head.  He pulled out his wand and started to aim it at her but

Felt a counter curse from Theos which sent him flying into a tree.  Mages around him were now
Firing at Theos as he counter blocked them.  Altreon took out several mages with his arrows
As Garag went after the Prince with the Queen.  The Prince cursed the Queen but she managed

To dodge it, as the tree behind her disintegrated to dust.  Theos again counter cursed the Prince
But the Prince dodged and cursed Theos' wand, disabling it and knocking Theos down.  Altreon picked
Up Theos as he shot the white arrow with explosives into a chariot, which would be the signal for the

Troops to retreat during its distraction.  The Queen lunged at the Prince again but was caught
By Garag just in time as a curse hit his shield, and it disintegrated.  By now the Queen was exhausted
And collapsed from fatigue.  Garag picked her up and dived across the path just as the explosions were

Going off.  The remaining Mercurians and Cretans  retreated back into the tunnel, unseen by the
Prince's troops.  The Prince was in hot pursuit of them when the explosion sent him flying again
Into another tree.  When the smoke cleared and they were left standing in the middle of the road

He saw a quarter of his mages dead along with several rangers and some warriors.  He threw his
Wand into the ground and started punching a chariot so enraged.  Back in the tunnels, Altreon
Noticed Theos' arm turning gray.  Theos started to complain about a numbness coming from his arm.

When Altreon stopped he took a closer look at Theos' arm and the gray was creeping up from his
Hand to his elbow.  Altreon yelled, "Garag!"  Garag turned around and his eyes almost popped out
Of his head.  He put the Queen down against the wall so he could take a closer look at it.  They

Called one of Theos' head mages and they all knew it was the Dark Book of Tongue.  Theos cried,
"Cut of off."  They looked at him in disbelief.  He screamed in pain this time, "CUT IF OFF."  Garag
And Altreon looked at each other and they motioned for others to hold him down.  They then tied

A tourniquet around the arm as Garag's sword severed it through the bone swiftly.  Theos passed
Out as they wrapped his open wounds.  The arm was still moving but then became hard like stone.
They carried it with them along with Theos and the Queen.  They had lost half their crew on that

Ambush but had taken out nearly 100 of the Black Prince's army, primarily the mages.  They rushed
To get back to the hub and get Theos to their doctors.  The Queen also would need tending to as
Her skin was pale.  She still had not come out of her fainting spell which caused them concern...
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Olympus Calling

When they arrived at the hub, Maer and Mythist were waiting.  Her mouth
Dropped as she saw Theos' blood soaked wrappings.  "My Zeus..."  She said
Under her breath as she ran to help take him to the Doctors.  Garag was

Following close behind with the Queen in his arms.  The Queen found herself
Once again in Apollo's Garden.  She expected to find him there but instead it
Was Aphrodite, whose somber look troubled her.  Aphrodite spoke to her softly,

"They have Airrionna.  It's all your fault! Why did you send her to her death?"
The Queen felt ill, no, not Airrionna too.  Then she saw Dorian approaching
With Athena and Apollo.  "We are disappointed in you LaanXoan.  You have

Given the Black Prince one of the keys he needs to take over Greece."  She
Couldn't speak, her throat dry.  Dorian spoke to her next.  "I tried my Queen,
I tried to save her but...I couldn't...he was too strong...I have never felt

Such total and complete evil as I felt that one second in his presence."  The
Queen's sickness started to turn into rage.  Apollo looked at her with anger,
"Your carelessness almost had Theos killed today."  He said through gritting

Teeth.  The Queen asked Aphrodite, "Is she still alive?  Where is she?"  The Goddess
Of love looked down then across the mountain.  "You find the Black Prince,
You will find her."  Athena spoke next, "You will need more than blunt force

To get her back.  The Prince will have her guarded but, there is someone
Who can help...someone on the inside."  She said, smiling somewhat.
The Queen looked at her mother, "Who?" She asked.  Her mother did not

Answer.  Then she said, "In time my child but for now, you need to wake
Up..."  She stood there then they all turned to her and yelled, "Get Up!"
With that the Queen gasped and her eyes flew open as she sat straight up

In the bed, scaring the poor nurse at her bedside who almost felt her chest
Cave in.  Then she felt soft, strong hands grabbing hers.  "Its okay my Queen"
Garag said as he laid her back down.  She fought him saying, "No I must get up

Now."  As she pushed him aside and motioned for the Nurse to bring her some water.
Her throat was so dry, she could barely talk.  The Nurse quickly returned with her
Beverage.  The Queen chugged it so fast, she motioned for another one as the

Nurse scurried.  Garag spoke softly, "Theos is injured."  "So I have heard." She responded
As Garag looked at her with wonderment.  "I had a vision," she responded, "We also lost
Dorian and the Princess has been captured by the Prince."  It choked her up to say it.

She was glad the nurse returned, with a pitcher of water in addition of the glass this time.
"We have another opportunity to attack again but we will have to take a different approach. 
They will be sending scouts before approaching.  It will slow their progress, but will not stop

Them."  She said thinking how they would attack them next.  Theos walked in and she gasped
At his injury.  "Hades fire, I knew you were hit but..."  He smiled, "I know, and my casting hand
Too.  But luckily Mythist has been helping me train with my left hand and is trying to see

If there is a way to counteract the stone curse.  Maybe my arm can be mended back but...
Not likely."  She was saddened, she brought this all upon them.  "Hey, it could have been worse...
Could have been my face or..." He looked down and shivered.  She couldn't help but laugh a little

At him.  "So what now my Queen."  Garag said.  Just then Altreon joined them and patted Theos
On the back.  "We await your orders,"  Altreon said.  She stood up and a sharp pain shot across
Her temples.  "Let me have a moment alone if you don't mind, I need to gather my thoughts."

They nodded and left the room.  She walked to the window and stared out looking up into the
Sky.  "I will save you,"  She whispered.  The Prince's men were so shook up from the ambush, the Prince
Decided to stop and regroup his generals.  Just then Poseign rode up with the Princess drapped over the

Back of the horse, still frozen.  The Prince's face darkened with an evil happiness.  "I see you
Didn't let me down."  He told Poseign as Poseign dismounted and carried the princess over to the Prince.
"Finally, something goes right today."  The Prince exclaimed.  Poseign then looked around. 

"What happened here?"  "Ambush."  The Prince replied.  "We lost about a tenth of the army." 
Poseign was infuriated he was sent off as an errand boy to bring back trash when he could have been
here, killing the enemy.  He stormed off into the woods with his black leather book in tow. 

The Prince ordered the men  to take her to one of the tents and guard it with their lives.  He
Went back to discussing his battle plans with his Generals as they would have to take precautions
To avoid future ambushes or surprise attacks, not because he valued his men's lives but because

He needed them to be alive when they reached the kingdom gates.  The men dropped the Princess
In the tent and one of them started to group her when the other stopped him.  "What are you doing?"
The guard looked at him, "She can't do anything about it, besides the Prince won't know."  "Oh, you

Think?"  He hit the guard on the head.  "You idiot, he has eyes all over the place.  Haven't you seen
Him come out of a trance?"  The guard's skin went white and he backed away from the Princess.
The men left her on the floor, she felt so sick she wanted to puke.  She was looking around the room

Even though she still couldn't move, for something to either kill herself with or to disarm the guards so
She could escape.  Why did he want her, why didn't he just kill her already.  She laid there tormented
By thoughts until the darkness came, and she could finally start to move her body and limbs.  She was

Searching the room when suddenly the Prince entered, closing the tent entrance behind him.  She stood
As far away from him as possible and he smirked at her.  "I give the Queen too much credit, she is a fool
To send you with only two escorts into the woods and right into my arms."  She didn't say anything, he

Was right.  As he approached her she rounded around the tent keeping a good distance between them.
He just laughed at her.  "You have no idea how powerful I am, if you did, you would know that your
Scurrying does you no good.  For now I will let you keep your distance, like the cat does with the mouse."

He smiled in such a way it sent shivers down her spine.  "Sleep well my Princess...for tomorrow, will be
The last day you will be thankful you were alive."  He left the tent laughing and told the Men to not
Let their guard down before heading to his tent.  There was nothing in the tent except some sheets

On the hard cold ground and an oil lamp on stump.  She was hungry, she hadn't eaten since yesterday.
The Queen had upset her so much this morning, she had completely lost her appetite.  She was also
In pain.  She managed to tear the sheets to make a soft cast for her arm, but did not sleep.  It was

Early the next morning when she heard some commotion outside her tent.  The young warrior
Looked at the Guards and smiled.  As his face was revealed from his helmet, it was the same warrior
Who Poseign threatened to throw into the holes with his brothers.  The Guards nodded at him and he

Said, "General Poseign wishes to speak to you both now, he said it was very urgent."  The Guards looked
At each other but didn't move.  "Okay, then I will tell him you refused his order."  They both shouted No
As the young warrior turned around.  "It's just, the Prince told us to stay here to guard the Princess."

He told them, "What am I, Medussa's leftovers? Surely this wounded girl is no match for a warrior, even
Just one.  The General said it would be swift, I will stand guard until you get back."  The Guards nodded
And smiled.  One of them grabbed his shoulder tightly as they walked towards the General's tent.

The young man entered her tent hastily.  He took out some mage robes and threw them at her.
"Hurry, put those on."  She looked at him and asked, "Why?"  "Look, either put on that disguise or stay
Here and rot with them, makes no difference to me.  I will just escape on my own."  He said and started

To walk out.  "No, wait."  She quickly put on the robes as he was watching closely looking for those
Black birds.  But they were no where in sight, just as Athena promised.  He motioned for her to follow him
As they quickly ran through the camp.  They freed two horses from their post, riding at full speed into

A small forest opening.  He was headed north, just like his dream showed him.  They rode for a few
Miles then dismounted, freeing the horses and covering their trails.  "Why are you doing this?"  She
Said confused.  He took off his helmet and faced her.  "No."  She fainted as he caught her in his arms.

He carried her over his shoulder to where his dream showed him to go.  He stood there for a second
When a wolf came out of no where snarling.  Then the wolf noticed the Princess, and slowly circled
Around him.  "Look, I come in peace.  I just want to fight against the Prince and will die for Mercuria."

The wolf was salivating and growling still, eyes glowing watching his every move.  He slowly put the
Princess down and held his hands up in the air.  Howler leaped and just barely missed the young
Warrior who rolled and picked up a nearby stick to defend himself.  The Princess came through just

Before Howler was about to attack and yelled, "Stop!"  Back at where the horses were set free, Poseign knelt down
looking at the tracks of the horses.  "They stopped here and probably dismounted, but only
Horse tracks are here."  The Prince was completely flushed.  He had already killed two guards in his rage

This morning for leaving their post.  The ravens hadn't found anything yet, and he couldn't hold in his
Anger any longer.  He turned around and stormed back to the campsite.  Poseign didn't tell him that he knew
what direction they headed.  This was a complete waste of time and he wanted to get back

To what they came here to do, win a war.  He let the men go before him and he quietly slipped
Off into the forest, to practice and prepare himself not for the war against the Mercurians...
But the battle against the only thing that was in between him and greatness...the Prince.

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The Dawn of Another Day

The Queen finally found her generals at the tavern, drinking nectar and trying to relax
Altreon, Garag, and Theos were at a table, arguing the age old question...What is mightier
The Arrow, the sword, or the wand.  "Ogre breath, there is no way the sword is mightier

Than the wand.  I don't even need to be near you to curse you helpless."  Theos said as he
Slurped his frosty Mercurian Nectar.  Before Garag could respond, Altreon yelled "And what protection
Have you from the arrow?  Why I can take you out before you even notice I have fired an arrow."

"And what do you do for an agile warrior, whose speed can out run your inaccurate spell casting."
Garag said motioning for the barmaid for another.  They were still arguing when the barmaid said,
"Well if you ask me, you would be nothing if it weren't for the craftsmen and women.  All you would

Be is a bunch of naked men and women running around talking about who is better, instead of proving
it."  With that she picked up the empties and walked back to the bar as all three of them watched
Her speechless.  The Queen came up laughing, "I agree, but the men would definitely be no match

For the women in that case, rendered helpless with male hormones as the naked women kick you
Someplace no man should be kicked."  They all winced a little and didn't respond.  Mythist smiled
At the Queen, "Glad to see you are up and about."  The Queen took a seat next to them ordering

A nectar with a perplexed look about her.  "Well I have been thinking about how we could attack
Their army next.  And I think I have an idea."  They all looked at her intently, leaning in as she
Whispered.  "They have the majority of their men on horses, what say we spook the horses and

Let them do the damage to the army, stampeding away as they kick and possibly kill."  Theos smiled,
"That is genius.  So how do we spook the horses?"  She leaned back as the barmaid delivered her nectar.
"Ah, that is where I am stumped.  If we could somehow get animals to cooperate..."  Mythist disagreed,

"No animals are not good.  You run the risk of horses not being spooked due to too many personality
Differences.  Besides, we don't have enough Oounakii for that."  Garag smiled, "But what if...you had
Something unknown...that moved fast...like an illusion of some sort."  Altreon agreed, "Right, like...

Shadows or Ghosts."  Theos slammed his good hand on the table, scaring them a bit.  "I got it, shadow
Barrage."  Mythist agreed, "Of course, we send shadow barrages down both sides of the trail, the
Horses will spook no doubt."  "Ah, but one slight problem, range, we would have to be pretty close to be

Able to cast them." Theos said sulking and taking a gulp of his drink.  "How close?" The Queen asked.
"About 20-40 steps I figure."  Theos said, belching.  Just then Mythist and the Queen looked at each
Other saying "Transformation spells."  Back at the tunnel entrance, the Princess slowly rose to her feet

And looked at Howler.  "He is my half-brother, Oberon, who we thought had died when he fought with
Odysseus in the Trojan war.  My father received a parchment from Odysseus saying he had died in
Battle but his body was torched beyond recognition and could not be sent home. It broke my father's

Heart.  He was never quiet the same after that."  She looked at Oberon, as if asking for an explanation.
Oberon sighed and looked away.  "I had failed father miserably as a warrior.  I thought it best to stage
A heroic death than for him to discover I was a weak fool of a warrior.  Truth is, I ran from the war,

Placing my armor on a dead peasant I had found and setting him on fire.  I couldn't handle it." Howler
Transformed into his human form, "And you expect to fight for Mercuria?  Mercurians are not cowards!
We don't need the likes of you!"  He snarled even in his human form, disliking the young man.  "I know,

I don't blame you for doubting me.  But I have changed, I now have vengeance in my veins, and want
Nothing more than to bring the Prince down with my own two hands if possible.  All I ask is for a chance."
"How did you end up with him anyway?"  The Princess asked.  Oberon sighed, "I was in a bar and they

Were recruiting.  I had to redeem myself before I came back to father.  So I decided to join.  I did not
Realize how evil the Prince was until that night at our kingdom, he almost killed father. I should have left
Then but I was too scared.  It wasn't until I saw you again, sis, did I gain the courage to do the right

Thing.  I didn't want to let you know who I was because we had to move fast."  Howler motioned for
Them to enter the tunnel entrance.  He sent a message to Maer that he had found the Princess and
Was coming in.  Back at the camp, the Prince gathered his generals.  "We cannot have all our mages

And rangers grouped all in the same area when we march.  From now on I want them dispersed evenly
Throughout our marching lines.  Is that understood?"  The Prince spoke, as the generals nodded. 
"And, I need to disguise myself as one of the warriors.  Someone fetch me some armor before dawn.

We March at sunrise.  I will send the ravens ahead of us to check if the path is clear.  I want our
Ballistics ready to fire.  And all men should march with weapons in hand ready at all times.  We did
Not fight back until after several attacks.  I want them firing at anything they see moving in the forest!"

The generals nodded and the Prince dismissed them.  Thumbing through his dark book of tongues, he
Realized something, a page was missing.  He started to flip through the book and there were several
Pages missing.  He threw the book across the tent and stormed out towards the Mages' for answers.

When they arrived in town, Howler took them to the Queen's castle.  The Chambermaids led Oberon
And Airrionna to the guest quarters as Howler headed to the tavern for a drink.  When he got there,
He spotted the Queen and took a seat next to her at the table.  She smiled and motioned for the

Barkeep for another round of nectars.  Howler whispered to the Queen in her ears, "The Princess is
Here, along with her brother."  The Queen jumped up.  "Where?"  Howler sat back a little startled, "I
Took them to your castle my Queen."  She ran out of the tavern to talk to the Princess, leaving the

Generals with their drinks.  Garag looked sad, Mythist turned to him asking, "What's wrong with you?"
"Nothing, just not feeling well all of a sudden."  His stomach was turning with disappointment.  He would
Have to swallow his feelings for love again.  They would stay and drink into the night, talking about

The next phase of attacks in the morning.  The Queen ran into the castle and the Chambermaids quickly
Motioned to where her new guests were.  The Princess was in her room changing when the Queen
Bursted in, scaring her half to death.  They looked at each other and even though the Princess was

Still mad at her for sending her off yesterday morning, she was so relieved to see her that she soon found
Herself kissing her passionately.  They kissed for hours without saying a word, until the Queen looked
Her deep in her eyes and whispered, "I am so sorry, I should have never let you out of my sight."
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Asians FTW!!

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The horns sounded as the kingdom was awakened for the day's battle preparations.
The Queen adorned her amour and fetched a small portion of fruit, tea and breads for breakfast as
She watched the Princess pull the covers over her head. The generals were gathered in the Queen's

Great Hall, awaiting orders for today's attack as the rustle of craftsmen fill the center of the kingdom.
Mythist greeted the Queen with a smile. "Rest well?" She asked, following the Queen to the front of the Hall.
"No but as well as I can get with everything going on." Mythist took her spot at the front with Theos.

"When I left you last night, there were still discussion around the shadow barrage and range."
The Queen looked towards Myst and Theos. Theos smiled and responded, "Transformation spells
Are risky. There are biological differences between people which may cause timing issues

When utilized. And we would still need to carry wands, yet be inconspicuous. I don't see
How that would work in our favor." There was commotion amongst the generals while the Queen
Pondered the approach. Howler stood up and cleared his throat, waiting for permission to speak.

The Queen held up her hand as a hush fell across the room, all eyes focused on the young hairy man.
"I believe, there is one animal strong enough to hold a wand and fast yet small enough to be unseen."
He paused as everyone looked upon him, heat rushing to his face as Howler was not the best at public

Speaking. "The peregrine falcon can fly faster than any winged creature, its talons strong enough to hold
A wand, and its vision far surpasses most animals of flight. I believe if the transformation spell was used
To form these falcons, we could accomplish this mission." With that he took his seat allowing his skin

To return to a normal color. Theos still was argumentative, "But we are still left with a timing issue."
The Queen stood facing the courtyard window, looking up into the sky as if to have her problem solved
By the grace of a cloud. Mythist stood up to speak. "Perhaps there is a potion that can help us to

Increase the timing of the spell?" Theos turned to her giving it some thought. "You know, you may be
Onto something there." The Queen turned to them and walked back to her credenza. "What of the element
Spells, say a cloud spell, so that we can have some cover." Mythist turned to her, speaking softly, "Come

To think of it my Queen, there is something I believe I read in the Book of Spells." Theos smiled, "You did.
It is a simple spell to conjour, I believe it will serve us well indeed. But lets head to the gardens, see what
Potions may help us." With that, Mythist and Theos left briskly. The Queen turned to the remaining generals

And sighed as she spoke, "Today we must continue preparing our Kingdom from impact. Altreon, I need the
Archers to come up with a strategy of defense. In fact, I need everyone to think defensively today, breaking
Up the defensive strategy into layers. What is the first layer, second, and so on. I want a briefing of each

Of your strategies before the sun has crossed over the Tamouc mountain top. You are dismissed." With that
The generals scurried out of the room to make their plans for battle. The Queen was left to her thoughts as she
Poured herself some more tea. Today was one of clarity for her. Her mind was still but her soul restless.

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Dance with Ancestors

The Queen awakened from her daydream, and left her chambers to venture to the forest. The wind
Taunted her hair as she walked solemnly, her eyes only looking at the ground in front of her until she
Thought she heard a whisper of her name. She unsheathed her sword, twisting it forward, crouching to

Listening for anything that didn't sound like the forest. She heard nothing but she felt a presence she
Could not explain. As she turned side to side, she began to see the shadows of the great cavalry riding
Past her, the wind blew through her amour and she stood their baffled. Then she saw the shadows of the

Great warriors, marching forth, their weapons drawn, pushing her aside as they walked past her. She
Swiftly side danced out of their way. Then there were the archery units, they all circled her, the greatest
Warriors of Mercury, looking upon her. Then the cavalry units were the first to attack, their horses fast

And the Queen's speed barely allowed her to maneuver away from their piercing spears. There was a whisper
Slithered in with the wind, "Outstanding." The warriors were the next to attack, their speed equal with hers,
She had to tactically maneuver, spinning and disarming. The shadows disappeared and there was a laughter

That echoed in the wind. Breathless, tired, and bewildered, the queen leaned on her sword briefly, only to be
Startled to action by an onslaught of arrows, she jumped behind a nearby rock, shielding herself. She sat
Panting, her entire being fatigued. Then there was a cloud of darkness that appeared above her and it shot

Out rays of magic lightening, she rolled, jumped, deflected as many as she could but got hit through the heart
Falling as the cloud disappeared. Garag was the first to find her, he lifted her head. "My Queen, what happened?
Are you okay?" He helped her to sit up as she shook her head. Was it a dream? The Gods and Goddesses

Mocking her? Garag helped her to stand and she stood there for a moment focusing her eyes on the horse tracks.
She gasped and looked at Garag. "Our ancestors paid me a visit today. Testing me to see if I was ready."
Garag looked bewildered, "And how did you fare my Queen?" She looked down at the place where the cloud's

Strike had penetrated her armor. "I will need to be better against an army of mages." Garag nodded and they walked
Back into the kingdom. The Queen's mind heavy with strategy opportunities against the mage attacks. How
Would she be able to prove herself against the attacks of the Black Prince. She didn't know at that moment.

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surprise, I am still working on this story :P not finished yet...glad you guys kept it up...inspiring...may get me back into it lol


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WTH!  ROMEO! roflmao wassup...I know I know...I dropped off the planet for a few lol...