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The Official Dragonz Clan Rules
« on: October 07, 2005, 11:26:24 PM »
Official Dragonz Clan Rules
Last Updated - May 20th, 2013

Along with our clan rules, we would also like you to have a knowledge of the
Runescape Official Rules and obey them. A rule of our clan is to obey Runescape official rules, please do so or you will be banned or severely punished.

The Dragonz Clan is a family based clan that is built on trust, loyalty, friendship and FUN. This Clan Originated in November 2002 and we plan to maintain its honor and family style forums for as long as humanly possible. Therefore the following rules are in effect and applicable in any official clan function or method of communication, such as, but not limited to, Ventrilo, IRC, RS Chat, etc.

Any Rule breakers will be judged by the Leaders and Co-Leaders to decide on any punishment or banning. We take evidence and past history within and without the clan into account and treat every case of broken rules as equal. Rank will not play a part in the size or type of punishment.

The Dragonz Leaders and Co-Leaders have the right to remove anyone from the clan for ANY reason necessary.
Remember: Respect the decision of those that are above you, Leaders, Co-Leaders, Council, Etc are here to maintain a fun and clean clan.

Range Of Punishments Include, But Are Not Limited To:
  • First Offense - Small Warning and demotion
  • Second Offense - 1 to 3 day temporary ban
  • Third Offense - 5 to 10 day temporary ban
  • Fourth Offense - 10 to 20+ day temporary ban
  • Fifth Offense - Permanent ban

Note: Depending on the severity of the issue, some small punishments may be ignored and larger punishments given.

During the time of a ban, you are are not allowed to be involved in any clan activities. This includes not being able to see the forums, not being allowed to attend any clan events, as well as no access to Ventrilo or other official methods of communication.

1. No Flaming Will be accepted on these forums or in game:
Flaming is considered using profanity, being racially obscene, sexist or cruel. This will not be accepted. This Includes incidents where a racially, sexually or derogatory comment is not directed at one individual clan member!

The number one rule of thumb that your parents and teachers have said since day one is "If you dont have anything nice to say, DONT SAY IT AT ALL". Also please do not create threads about politics and/or religion outside the Discussion Board. If not everyone involved has made a commitment to be respectful, these 2 topics only lead to either hurt feelings or flame wars and will not be tolerated.

2. You can be in a specialist clan while being in the Dragonz Clan**:
Most clans do not allow people to be in more than one clan at once simply for loyalty purposes. We used to have a similar Multi clanning policy but with the great number of different activities out there that require large numbers of members we have changed our clan boundaries to incorporate members of specialist clans into our activities.

**While we are now open to multi-clanning we do ask that you join both clan chats whenever you are logged in.  In this instance, multi-clanning refers to joining a specialist clan that only focuses on one activity; IE Soul Wars, Stealing Creation, Castle Wars.  We view specialist clans as clans that use a friends chat for activities, you are still expected to be a member of our clan chat.

3. All Runescape rules apply in this clan:
This is self explanatory enough.

This applies especially to botting - something that is absolutely rampant in runescape. We will not tolerate any runescape rule breaking AT ALL. Botting is defined as a program that can include automation tools, macros, or auto-typers that allows a player's account to engage in a runescape activity without any input from the user.

4. Forum Accounts Must Have One Single User:
In order to prevent any inappropriate posts, we ask that forum accounts only have one user. This includes siblings, friends, etc. It is completely acceptable to preview our website to a friend/family member, but please keep control of your account at all times. This is entirely due to the fact that we don't want to punish clan members for actions of another person on their account.

5. Be Active:
We ask that all clan members try to be as active as possible joining other members in as many activities as possible.
If you have a planed absence please use the Temporary Exile forum or personally contact a clan Leader/Co Leader in advance about your absence.  For more information please see this post.

6. Do not SPAM:
We ask that all posts be at least one sentence in length. We do have several "word game" or "story game" topics where this rule does not apply in our Off Topic forum; however we ask that extremely short posts be kept in these threads alone.

7. Respect Everyone:
We ask all our members to respect all clan members, clan friends, allies, etc. All we ask is not to "flame bait" or talk badly of other clan members, friends and allies. Regardless of rank, everyone deserves mutual respect. Being a respectful player projects a very good image of our clan as well as yourself. This rule is another important factor in the occurrence of clan promotions.

8. No Pornographic or explicit material is to enter this site:
Pornographic images, links or words are not to be posted on these forums. Explicit material can also include any sexist, racist, vulgar or derogatory forms of media. This also includes references, discussion, or encouragement to use to illegal substances such as drugs. Media including any of the previously listed will be deleted and an instant ban will be given. This forum is intended for people 13 and up, we don't need younger members seeing such things. When in doubt if content you are going to post is acceptable, contact a Leader first!

Who To Contact

Every rank has it's purpose. In the event that you find another clan member breaking a rule, or you simply wish to discuss the logistics of a rule, here is a small list of our clan ranks and what they are capable of (based on their position and the amount of forum power their rank holds) as well as who to contact.

Forum Admin

Forum Admins are the branch of the Leadership team who specialize in the running and maintenance of the clan forums.  Their number one priority is maintaining a safe, fun website as well as developing new ideas/tools for the clan. They may not have a regular in-game presence. Forum Admins and Leaders can be contacted for any reason from questions to problems that will be handled discretely.

Leaders are the branch of the Leadership team who specialize in the running of all in-game aspects of the clan.  They still have administration abilities on the forums, but their main focus is on the game itself and the activities within it. Leaders will always have a regular in-game presence. Forum Admins and Leaders can be contacted for any reason from questions to problems that will be handled discretely.

Council Elders

Council Elders are permanent Council members.  They are are usually Council members who have served multiple terms and shown their dedication as well as the ability to rise to any challenge.  Their main duties are to assist Council with making event schedules and running events, as well as keeping recruitment threads up to date and answering any questions that are asked on them.  Elders have the same moderator abilities that Council has.

Council members are clan members who are elected to serve two month terms*.  Any Gladiator+ who is not retired is eligible for the Council rank.  Council is Nominated and then voted on by the entire clan.  Council members have forum moderation power in most forums, as well as their own forum for making the event schedule and discussing any clan issues that are brought up with the Leaders.  One of Council's main priorities is leading in game events.  

Senior Gladiator

Senior Gladiators are those members who have been in the clan for quite a while and are well respected by their peers.  They've shown all the best qualities we look for in clan members over their time within the clan. They can create their own custom title.

Gladiators are the foundation of our clan, the core members that keep us growing and active, the Dragonz version of most clans' basic clan members.   They do not have forum moderation.  They can edit their own profile avatars and signatures. Gladiator is a permanent position.  No matter what rank you may hold within the clan, at the core of it we are all "Gladiators".

*Council terms are subject to the needs of the clan at the time.

If you have any other questions regarding any of the above information, please feel free to contact a Forum Admin, Clan Leader or Council Elder.

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